Six handy make-up tips for girls who wear glasses


Glasses can make you look sultry and dramatic – think secretaries peering over the frame. Unfortunately, it can be a little confusing when it comes to make-up – how much eyeshadow to apply, to use mascara or not to use mascara – fortunately for you, we have six great tips:

Stick with neutral colours – bright colours just don’t look as good behind glasses.

This is the best place to put your bright colours to work. Try a red lip for a dramatic look.

Mascara is a must to really enhance your beautiful peepers. Don’t worry – it doesn’t stick against your glasses, ignore the haters.

Those who have thicker framed eyeglasses show go with think eyeliner and thin frame wears should go a little lighter.

Blush it up to get a warm glow and to bring your look together.

Make your eyebrows work for you – a high dramatic arch is perfect for those who wear glasses.