Causing a spectacle! Mr Horan dons glasses… and the internet goes cray


One Direction have literally been everywhere promoting their latest album, Made In The AM,  which means we are getting a healthy dose of the boys before they head off on their one year hiatus (nooooo!). 

It is common knowledge among One Directioners that Niall occasionally sports a pair of glasses – but never have the elusive spectacles made it onto the stage. 

Until now, that is. *cue hysteria*. 

The glasses made their appearance while the four-piece were performing on Good Morning America earlier this week, with the new look even prompting the host to ask the Mullingar-man about his new look. 

“Eye sight’s failed me hasn’t it? No not at all, they’re an accessory,” he replied. 

Nevertheless, the minor appearance change prompted inevitable Twitter chaos and the One Directioners went through several stages of attempting to cope with the news. 


1) There was initial panic 


2) Then they were a tad speechless  


3) There were emotional reactions 


4) And physical reactions


5) Next came the drama.  

6. And we mean DRAMA 


7) Next came the impure thoughts  


8) Finally, there was a rallying cry to make sure Niall never removes those glasses ever again 

We must admit though, he does look well in glasses.

And, SWOON.