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Gary Barlow's wife relatively keeps her face out of the public eye, and we never really hear about their relationship too often.

However, Gary has revealed that he wants to renew his vows to his wife, Dawn.

While filming ITV’s An Evening With Take That, he said:  “I’d love to renew my wedding vows with my amazing wife.

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According to The Sun, he said while filming: "That’s definitely on the agenda."

Gary met Dawn when she was 17 and a back-up dancer for Take That. They got married in 2000, and now have three children together.

Mr Barlow was also in the headlines this week for walking out of an interview with Angela Scanlon on The One Show.

He suddenly got up out of his seat, and told his bandmates to carry on without him because he didn't feel well.

However, he assured fans he was OK by tweeting: “Thank you for all the messages. I’m absolutely fine. We had a very hot dressing room and I thought I was going to faint on live TV!”


So… it looks like Gary Barlow’s new show Let It Shinemight land him in hot water with ex-boss Simon Cowell.

According to the Daily Mail, producer of the X Factor, Simon Cowell, is seeking legal advice as the rival show may “infringe his rights”.

The BBC announced plans for the new show back in June, after selling singing show The Voice UK to ITV.

Following the announcement a source told the Sun, "Cowell is going to be furious because he thinks it was X Factor that gave Gary the experience working on a show like this. Now he’s gone and set up a direct rival.

The Take That star who appeared as a judge on the X Factor for three consecutive years, told the BBC that there was a “demand” for another talent show.

The purpose of the new talent show is to find five leads to star in a Take That musical.

Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc will host the new BBC One show, which runs for eight weeks. With Barlow heading up the judging panel, joined by fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue, Spandu Ballet’s Martin Kemp and Glee star Amber Riley.

Popularity for the singing competition has dwindled in recent years, with the most recent series losing viewers to Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking to the BBC, Barlow said, "I think people are ingesting TV in a different way now. That old system of ratings shouldn't really apply anymore."

The 45-year- old star added, "But I think people are still loving, downloading and buying music and listening to music more importantly.

"And I think people are ready for a new Saturday night experience."

The show will kick off on Saturday night at 7pm on BBC One.



It's not uncommon to see a few sneaky celebrities have cameo roles in movies. They either pop up in the background, play another character or play themselves in a short clip.

Well, in the next Star Wars movie we're going to see one very famous face – Gary Barlow!

Yep, Gary is a big fan of the movie franchise, and according to The Sun, he has already filmed he small cameo last week at Pinewood Studios.

A source told the paper: “Gary is a huge Star Wars fan so this is a dream come true.

“The process has been kept top secret, as he doesn’t want anybody to find out.

“His connections in the film industry got him the part.”

As we all know (or fans of Star Wars know), the Star Troopers are all anonymous so we won't actually know which one Gary is. Our bets are he'll break out into song and dance just to jazz up the movie a bit… or you know, not. 


While many of us reckon that the X Factor is on it's last legs, former judge on the popular ITV show Gary Barlow has decided to try his hand at television talent competitions. 

After being a popular mentor on the X Factor, the Take That frontman has decided to create his own show on rival station the BBC. 

The show is scheduled to take the place of the Voice on the British state broadcaster after it sold it's red chairs to ITV in a multi-million euro deal at the end of last year.

"This is Gary’s own format that will be made by the BBC entertainment team," a source told the Sun. 

“If it is a success he could make hundreds of millions of pounds around the world like Cowell has with X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent."

While this all sounds very exciting and we can't wait to see Gazza back on our screens, it seems one music mogul is not impressed with the whole situation. 

"Cowell is going to be furious because he thinks it was X Factor that gave Gary the experience working on a show like this. Now he’s gone and set up a direct rival.

"He’s always been paranoid about Gary trying to set up a huge entertainment company incorporating music and TV, which seems to be happening."

Gary's show is said to replace the Voice this time next year. 


Every Take That fan out there, prepare yourself because a reunion tour is happening.

Gary Barlow was the one to let the cat out of the bag as he revealed the group are already planning their biggest reunion yet to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.

And while he implied that Rob might be on board, it seems that Jason Orange won't be.

Speaking to The Sun, Gazza said: "We'll do a Greatest Hits album next year and tour the year after. A Greatest Hits with everyone would be amazing but I personally can't imagine Jason coming back on stage for quite a few years. But if Rob could do something that would be brilliant."

And when The Sun pushed to see if there's any hope, Gary replied: "I'd love to say everyone will be back but in truth it will probably be four."

Robbie has been more than supportive over the past few months, also hinting he may be re-joining the band soon. We're getting excited already!



This is the best news we have heard since…probably ever!

Since Gary Barlow mentioned that Take That would always be a five-man band and that former members Robbie and Jason would eventually return, we couldn’t help feeling hopeful…but a little sceptical.

After all, Robbie has never shown an interest in rejoining Take That – until now!

The dad-of-two was doing a Q&A session on his Facebook page when he was asked about joining the band for their 25th anniversary in 2017, to which he replied: “I’m pretty sure I’ll be re-joining Take That. When and where, I don’t know….”

So it looks like Take That will eventually get back together, although we may have to wait a little bit. 



Find out which X-Factor star has just signed to Universal Records. God help us all…




If Gary Barlow had any notions that his Sports Relief song Greatest Day – a cover of the Take That hit – would become the official World Cup song, they have certainly been dashed!

The former X-Factor judge, may have gotten Gary Lineker and Girls Aloud singer Kimberly Walsh to feature on the track but it has not been a hit with his fans.

The song which was part of Sports Relief had been endorsed by the FA but there are no plans to release it as a single and it has been removed from iTunes.

Unfortunately, while the single is a Comic Relief production, they don’t have plans to release it either.

They said: “There are currently no plans to release the version Greatest Day shown on the Sport Relief 2014 night of TV as a single. The video will be available to view on YouTube during the World Cup.”

This flop comes not too long after the singer and his bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald were involved in a tax avoidance scheme.

Hmm, maybe he should go back to being an X-Factor judge – we liked him on that!


Gary Barlow’s in hot water over tax avoidance. Watch video for more!


James Corden will join Gary Barlow and a host of other stars to celebrate the Take That singers 25 year career



Simon Cowell has revealed that he’s not Gary Barlow’s biggest fan.

The Take That star was drafted in to The X Factor judging panel when Simon decided to focus on the American version of the show

Last year’s final, won by former prison officer Sam Bailey, was watched by 9.7 million, the show’s lowest viewing figure since 2005.

And it seems Simon is placing a good bit of the blame at Gary’s feet.

“The truth is – and I am not being rude – I wouldn’t hire Gary to run my record label,” he said. ‘Essentially that is what you are doing with The X Factor judging panel. But if Gary and I were running a record label we would do it in a different way.”

He added, “I do believe I am the best person at spotting a potential star and making them work well on the show.”

“That is what I am good at doing, not being a big-mouth on the show. It is making the show I am on better,” said the music mogul.





Former X Factor judge Gary Barlow said he expects to see “chemistry” between Simon and Cheryl on the judging panel this year.

The Take That singer, who will not be returning to the show this season, said fans will be tuning in expecting fireworks between the music mogul and the Geordie star.

Gary said, “The fans are very passionate about that show and I think for the audience they will really enjoy it. I think everyone will be watching to see what the chemistry is like this time.”

“I think they [Simon and Cheryl] will make it more successful coming back to it. I think it’s fun to watch, we all love it really. We say we hate it but we love it,” he added.

The Patience singer said he would like to see Nicole Scherzinger on the judging panel, although the star isn’t expected back on the show this year.

“For me, I’d have Nicole back again,” Gary said. “I thought she was a great judge and for all of her contestants she was great. She really did work really hard.”