Who are you calling a big mouth Simon?


Simon Cowell has revealed that he’s not Gary Barlow’s biggest fan.

The Take That star was drafted in to The X Factor judging panel when Simon decided to focus on the American version of the show

Last year’s final, won by former prison officer Sam Bailey, was watched by 9.7 million, the show’s lowest viewing figure since 2005.

And it seems Simon is placing a good bit of the blame at Gary’s feet.

“The truth is – and I am not being rude – I wouldn’t hire Gary to run my record label,” he said. ‘Essentially that is what you are doing with The X Factor judging panel. But if Gary and I were running a record label we would do it in a different way.”

He added, “I do believe I am the best person at spotting a potential star and making them work well on the show.”

“That is what I am good at doing, not being a big-mouth on the show. It is making the show I am on better,” said the music mogul.