Meet the hot chocolate cocktail that makes up for this woeful weather

The weather out there might mean you won't be long getting frostbit, but at least that's an excuse to batten down the hatches and curl up with your favourite winter beverage, right?

And this year we're taking inspiration from The River Lee hotel in Cork, who just launched their ‘Choctail’ menu – hot chocolate cocktails.

If there is a more perfect treat to enjoy this winter season, we've yet to hear about it.

If you want to create your own delicious Choctail from the comfort of your own home, just follow The River Lee’s step by step guide to their signature Choctail, The Button Up Baileys.

Ladies, it's as simple as this.


  1. Baileys (35ml per serving)
  2. Hot chocolate (your usual choice of hot chocolate)
  3. Whipped double cream
  4. Chunky marshmallows
  5. White chocolate buttons to decorate


  1. Make your hot chocolate as you usually would.
  2. Choose your cup, ideally a warmed glass mug, add the hot chocolate and add 35ml of Baileys.
  3. Mix well with a long-handled spoon.
  4. Top with whipped double cream, pouring it over the back of a spoon at a slow pace to ensure the cream floats.
  5. Decorate with skewered marshmallows and sprinkle with white chocolate buttons to decorate.
  6. Sit and enjoy by the fire, wrapped in blanket.