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It's time to switch on the electric blanket and don your finest fluffy socks. 

While today is mostly dry with some sunny spells, temperatures are set to plummet below zero tonight.

Met Éireann said that today's weather will be pleasant, but with some showers in the southeast. 

Temperatures are expected to peak at 3 to 6 degrees, with some strong winds along the eastern coast.

Tonight is expected to be dry and the northeasterly winds will ease up.

However, the thermometer will drop between -2 to -5 degrees Celsius overnight.

Frost is expected in many areas, but on the fringes of the east coast, temperatures will stay just above freezing.

In the morning there may be mist or fog.



In case you hadn't been outside in days, Ireland has been experiencing a bout of weather with only one word to describe it – baltic. 

Unfortunately, the cold snap is here for the foreseeable future, and it's set to get colder. 

Today, temperatures will sit at around 6 degrees, and we can expect a moderate breeze. 

 Asd for tonight, things are set to get frosty.

'It will be cold with lowest temperatures between -1 and +1 degree leading to frost and icy patches as northerly winds decrease light to moderate but remain fresh near the coast.'

Some places will see lows of -2 degrees. 

Tomorrow will also be cold, with highest temperatures of 5-7 degrees. 

The rest of the week is set to see further low temperatures as well as rain showers in many parts.

However, by Friday we should see rainier weather with slightly higher temperatures. Not sure if we'd rather have the rain or the cold tbh.