A colobus monkey who escaped from Fota Wildlife Park earlier this week has been safely returned to the facility. 

The monkey, who goes by the name Cheeky Chops, returned to the Fota Wildlife car park, where he was found chilling in a tree outside. 

After some careful coaxing with his favourite snacks, handlers were able to safely get him down from the tree and back into the sanctuary. 

Trained rangers were dispatched to find and detain the roaming primate during the week, and a huge search was underway in Cork. 

'Cheeky Chops has now been safely reunited with the other three members of his bachelor group, who welcomed him back with lots of grooming,' Roisin Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager at Fota Wildlife Park, told The Irish Times.

It is believed that he may have spent one night of his adventure sleeping in a public toilet. 

Cheeky Chops had been spotted around Cork by a number of perplexed members of the public.