Fota Wildlife Park is in a flurry of activity, after a monkey escaped from the facility last night. 

A search is well underway in Cork for the missing black and white colobus monkey, who has been spotted in the area. 

Trained rangers have been dispatched to find and detain the roaming primate. 

Twitter page Cork Safety Alerts tweeted about the unconfirmed sightings of the rogue ape, and Fota Wildlife Park responded.

'Our trained rangers have implemented the escape protocol for a Colobus monkey- we expect to have him safely home soon,' they replied.

'Recently one of our residents a Colobus Monkey, escaped from his habitat here at Fota Wildlife Park,' a spokesperson told The Sun.

"Our escape protocol was immediately implemented by Fota Wildlife Park’s trained animal rangers, and we expect he will be rescued very soon, and safely returned to his home.

What we would do to head down to Cork to join the search…