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Ryanair has been in difficulty in recent months, after hundreds of thousands of passengers were impacted by flight cancellations. 

Now, the airline is offering it's pilots a financial incentive to remain with the budget flight provider. 

The airline has offered its pilots in Stansted a pay and pensions increase of up to €27,000.

Pilots could see increases of 22pc in their pensions. 

This is coupled with an increase of up to 16pc in their take-home pay.

This offer is not without condition – the increase will only remain on the table if pilots agree to negotiate directly with the airline, without the input of worker's unions.

The increases could also be delayed if they are not accepted soon. 

If they are accepted, the pay bumps could come into effect as early as November. 



With the Luas strikes taking over the first months of the year, and now with the Dublin Bus strikes underway, it's been a tough year for commuters.

However, now Bus Éireann want to hop on the industrial action bandwagon.

Unions representing the transport service have left unhappy today after a morning of Workplace Relations Commissions talks.

In the meetings, management revealed that they do not intend to discuss any pay rise and also, they plan on significantly changing the structure of the Expressway service.

The NRBU's general secretary, Dermot O Leary said: "The company not alone indicated that it would not be in a position to contemplate any pay rises, but also dropped an industrial relations bombshell in relation to the future of the Expressway service, threatening the livelihoods of 800 Bus Éireann workers."

The union is seeking a pay rise for 2600 staff members, which is similar to what Dublin Bus workers are seeking – a 5 percent pay rise over three years.

In a ballot taken by the company's workers earlier this year, 94 percent of NBRU members said they would be in favour of industrial action if changes were made to the Expressway service.

Can you handle anymore strikes?!


Most of us here at SHEmazing! HQ are seriously regretting giving our Speech and Drama classes the heave-ho after primary school since hearing how much the cast of The Big Bang Theory are being paid nowadays.

According to Deadline and People, not only have the ensemble cast made a mint through production deals, bonuses and various other perks, everyone's favourite on-screen nerds have started earning a whopping $1 million per episode.

While it's well-known that the cast of Friends were on a sweet mil per ep when they finished up in 2004, David Schwimmer and co. reportedly had to spend much of their time on the show arguing for equal pay rises as the show gained viewers and rose in the popularity stakes.

So, while the Central Perk kids spent years reaching the million dollar mark, it's understood the BBT guys took just a couple of years to reach those dizzying heights after pay negotiations began back in 2014.

Up until two years ago, the cast fronting Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady's geeky bonanza were taking home $325,000 per ep, but it sounds like Chuck is more than happy with the new arrangement.

"Everybody should be very successful and happy and rich. They earned it," he told E! News. "It's a great cast. It's their time."

Just think about it – another mill in the bank every time a director yells 'That's a wrap!' 




Lads, we don't think we could handle another public transport strike.

Drivers at Dublin Bus are now seeking the same pay increase that their Luas counterparts received.

Following what seemed like a million strikes by Luas drivers this year, Dublin Bus drivers are heading to the Labour Court today to fight for a pay rise, since they haven't received one since 2008.

They will also argue that drivers have agreed and implemented many re-structural plans over the past few years and the company has seen "steady increases" to annual revenue and passenger numbers.

John Murphy, SIPTU's organiser said: "The pay claim by our members in Dublin Bus envisages the creation of an agreement with a three-year duration that includes annual pay increases.

"Such an agreement should be in-line with the deal negotiated by SIPTU representatives for our members working on the Luas light rail network that, we believe, sets the standard for transport workers in Ireland.

"Taking into account the productivity increases achieved and wage restraint shown over the last eight years, our members in Dublin Bus are calling for pay rises to be granted that are not dependant on the implementation of any further cost saving measures," he added.

Hopefully they can sort it all out quick and handy and we won't be hit with another public transport strike.



We JUST got over the Luas debacle, and now Dublin Bus drivers are seeking a pay rise, too.

A hearing took place in the Labour Court this morning, with the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) looking for salaries consistent with the Luas drivers' pay rise.

Last week, Luas drivers were offered increases of 18 percent over 33 months as part of a deal aimed at ending the ongoing strikes of late.

The NBRU is expected to ask for a six percent increase as well as any rise received by Luas workers, reports The Irish Times.

Honestly, we don't think we could handle another Luas strike, let alone a bus strike. Here we go again…. 


Now that Scott Disick seems to be back in good health, there's nothing stopping him taking on new endeavours.

But, one thing we didn't see coming was Scott taking part in Dancing With The Stars.

The father-of-three has taken a keen interest in the show this year, but he won't be dancing the rumba for less than $500k (€450k).

He was first offered $125k (€110k) as a guarantee and if he made it to the finals he'd get $345k (€310k), but Mr Disick isn't budging.

Sources told TMZ that there is a strict policy to pay everyone the same amount of moola, but Scott is fighting to get his amount majorly bumped up.

We can only imagine what he'll be like on the show, but one thing's for sure, it'll make for good TV.