Negotiation talks were MEANT to take place today between SIPTU and Transdev Luas Drivers, but they were cancelled before they even started.

As more and more differences arise from both parties, the talks have been shelved for the time being, meaning that the Luas strikes planned for March 8th and Paddy's Day are going ahead.

They're even talking about further strike action after Paddy's Day since claims have been made that Luas drivers are taking prolonged toilet breaks to disrupt the service.

SIPTU's Eoin Reddy said: "If the allegation (of orchestrated toilet breaks) is true, it's serious and it wouldn’t be appropriate or right, (but) just because the company has said it's true, doesn’t mean that it is.

"This is a company that seems to want to spend more time demonising their staff in the media than rolling their sleeves up and negotiating with us."

Since the Luas strikes royally mess up the city, we just want this thing to be worked out once and for all.