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Barbie has just gotten WAY more inclusive, after creating dolls who are more representative of the real women and young children who play with her.

The company Mattel are making strides since they first opened in 1959 with bleach blonde Barbie with high-heels and ridiculous body proportions.

The brand are making new additions to the range which feature Barbies who use wheelchairs and with prosthetic legs. 

Barbie has been given high-achiever careers as a vet, computer engineer and doctor, as well as featuring dolls who are diverse, more curvacious and black.

Two new dolls with disabilities will be added to it's Fashionista line on February 11, with the company articulating that it hopes the collection will broaden definitions of beauty.

“As a brand, we can elevate the conversation around physical disabilities by including them into our fashion doll line to further showcase a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion,” the company said in a statement.


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Mattel’s vice president of Barbie Design, Kim Culmone, explained the latest additions were a response to phenomenal consumer demand.

"We’re going to be introducing a doll in a wheelchair and a doll representing physical disabilities. She has a prosthetic limb," Culmone told Teen Vogue

"There will be additional body sizes — a Barbie with a smaller bust and less-defined waist. A wheelchair or doll in a wheelchair was one of the most requested items through our consumer … hotline. It's important to us to listen to our consumers."

Customers are still requesting Barbies with more impairments or disabilities, such as Down's Syndrome or blindness (hence the service dog).

Culmone also stated that the company worked with a team at UCLA and with 12-year-old Jordan Reeves, who has a prosthetic arm, to make the brand new dolls as realistic as possible. 

Reeves suggested that the prosthetic limb should be removable, giving the company one of their “first big ahas”, according to Culmone. "That’s not necessarily something we would have realised how important it would be to someone living with this experience."

Feature image: Teen Vogue



PrettyLitttleThing have gifted us with yet another gorgeous collection from TV presenter and BBC Radio One DJ Maya Jama.

The stunning and versatile 'It Girl' is modelling the brand new collaboration, and BOY are we impressed with the new drop.

There's snakeskin, vinyl trenchcoats, faux fur jackets, zany prints, bold colours, relaxed urban tracksuits with chunky trainers and curve-hugging outfits; something for every body.


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She's a definite style goddess, and this is a sequel that's not to be missed. The second collection has some seriously sizzlin' pieces that we need in our wardrobes A-to-the-SAP.

Maya Jama worked alongside the brand's in-house team to design another sure-fire sell out collection, with a whopping 82 pieces available in sizes four up to 24.

Maya's personal style is immediately recognised, and the perfect lewks are combined with on-trend transitional pieces that merge streetwear with night attire. Think comfy but sexy:

We are DROOLING over the PVC pieces, as well as those gorgeous accessories to match, like berets and faux fur handbags.

Speaking on the PLT x Maya Jama second collaboration, the radio DJ said;

“I was so overwhelmed at the response and support for my first collection with PLT. It did so well that I couldn’t be more excited to unveil my second. Once again, it’s a total reflection of my character and personal style."

"I’m always on the move and so I’ve designed this collection for every girl, from size 4-24, so they’ve got the perfect look from day to night.”


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The 25-year-old is currently dating UK grime artist Stormzy, and features on the brand's new podcast, PLT: Behind Closed Doors.

The collection includes athleisure feels, sporty separates and oversized sweater dresses, paired with chunky trainers by day and over the knee boots by night. Nail those cool but comfortable looks with Maya Jama's range.

They've also got teddy bear tracksuits for the ultimate snug feel, but we are DYING to get these three pieces especially:

A pink suede jumpsuit, Aaliyah-style 90s denim wide-leg trousers and matching zip-up crop top, and a VINYL trenchcoat. These will grab attention for all the right reasons, trust us.

In conclusion:

Look= Served.

Wig= Snatched.

Head= Scalped.

If you want to immerse yourself in fashion that makes you look and feel good, don't play by the rules this season and check out Maya Jama's collection. 

These clothes will hug you in all the right places, we've already added all 82 pieces to our carts. (Zero self-control)


Only a few days ago, Grammy-nominated singer Bebe Rexha took to Instagram to proclaim her anger and frustration at body-shaming designers who refused to dress her for the ceremony.

Why? Because she's a SIZE EIGHT. She didn't name names, but if only she did. They'd have been ripped to shreds in minutes.

The Meant To Be singer is nominated for two awards at the Grammys, and said in a video; "If a size six/eight is too big, then, I don't know what to tell you, then I don't want to wear your f*cking dresses, 'cause that's crazy."

Image: Instagram/@beberexha

She continued; "You're saying that all the women in the world that are size eight and up are not beautiful and they cannot wear your dressed,"

"Im sorry, I had to get this off my chest," Bebe captioned the post. "If you don't like my fashion style or my music that's one thing. But don't say you can't dress someone that isn't a runway size."

"Empower women to love their bodies instead of making girls and women feel less then by their size. My size eight ass is still going to the Grammys," she concluded. 

Demi was quick to comment her support; "F*cking preach!!! Love this and you for speaking your mind and using your voice!!!"

Image: @beberexha

Demi Lovato has always been vocal against body-shamers online, and supportive of plus-sized models in the industry.

She even told a fan who created a detailed sketch of the singer; "That's not how my body looks", insisting that her body be represented accurately.

Rexha has received an overwhelming amount of support from the public and celebrities alike following her video, with numerous designers offering to dress her.



Size inclusivity has come along leaps and bounds in the fashion industry in recent years, but sometimes fashion houses don't quite get it right.

One particular Zara ad is going viral this week, as people are outraged at their definition of curves.

While there is no wrong way to have curves, Today FM presenter Muireann O'Connell snapped a picture of two very slim models in a new Zara ad, posing under the caption"Love Your Curves," and people are not happy. 

The tweet has since gone viral, with over 23,000 likes and 12,000 retweets. 

The models are posing for the brand's Curve denim jeans, but many people are speaking out as they feel that the suggestion that the featured models are curvy could be damaging. 

People are also baffled as to how the brand could consider the women as curvacious. 

"I'd have a word with your advertising department…..curves?…..where?…" said one. 

However, not everyone agrees that the outcry is justified, and feel that it is sizeist against slim women.

"Why is it OK for you to denigrate slim girls? Everyone has curves. Body shaming of slim girls appears to be perfectly fine, eh?" said one, who also pointed out that her daughter has been teased for being slim. 

"Isn't it possible that Zara is trying to help girls who see themselves as "sticks" to realise that they too have curves?" said another

Zara has yet to comment on the campaign. 



I've always been a true believer that you have to love the skin you're in. No matter what your clothing size, weight or height, we're all different, and we're all beautiful in our own ways. FACT.

We all have flaws, every single one of us, so it's a wonder why some people are still shaming each other.

That's where these women come in; Samantha King and Kim Dempsey want to get rid of the hurdles surrounding other people's perception of curvy girls.

Samantha and Kim are both lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers and focus on all things stylish for the "curvier" woman. Samantha owns the blog Champagne and High Heels while Kim is the proud owner of SoSoDempo.

Together, they want to ensure that no matter what size, every woman is empowered. 

After finding out from their followers that some women don't feel comfortable attending beauty events, workshops or even beauticians because of their size, the two blogger beauties have created a workshop aimed solely at the curvier woman.

The workshop will feature make-up tutorials, hair tutorials, a fashion show, a shape-wear demo (hello, spanx!), afternoon tea and a Q&A session, so it's certainly not a day to be missed.

And on top of that, BoohooPLUS will be supporting the girls on the day, bringing you all the latest fashion for the catwalk show. Exciting!

Sam and Kim believe that it's their mission to encourage women to love themselves, and that's how their motto, "Loving the Skin You're In, Always, Sam & Kim," was born.

The gals first workshop will take place in Athlone Springs Hotel on September 10 and tickets cost €75, which are available here.


The writers at AskMen must be feeling a bit guilty today… at least we hope so.

An article posted by the site came under fire yesterday for claiming that "curves are out" and "thin is in." The piece in question referenced an international academic study which stated that "both men and women consistently rate women with lower body fat and BMI as more attractive."

And the skinnier, the better, it seems. "Realistically there is a point at which people deem someone too skinny, but it’s well south of the average American’s BMI."

To conclude, no more curves because "a little extra cushion for the pushin’ may have been ideal a few thousand years ago, but now we recognise that child-bearing hips aren’t worth much if she’s going to keel over from a heart attack a year from now."


As is to be expected, the article caused a storm on Twitter, with women (and men) everywhere calling out AskMen for sexism and plain rudeness:

Whether they're "in" or not, we still LOVE our curves.



It is no secret that there are certain fan pages and photos that promote extremely unhealthy eating and living practices on Instagram.

And of course, the people with these obsessions usually find each other through the use of the hashtag.

The site is also used by some people to share inappropriate photos. So, in an attempt to tackle these trends Instagram has decided to ban the hasthtag…. curvy.

Yep, that’s right. You can still search for #fat, #femalemotivation and #obese though.

A spokesperson from Instagram explained that #curvy has been banned because it was being used to share images and videos that violated Instagram’s guidelines around nudity.

But somehow explicit words directly related to sex are still allowed? Hmmmm……

For example, the words #dildo and #vibrator are somehow still easily searchable.

Although, the photo-sharing site has also banned #butt and #thighs.  And we certainly haven’t forgotten that the #nipple is still on major lockdown.

While it is understandable that Instagram needs to enforce certain guidelines to protect their younger audience from accidentally stumbling across any inappropriate images through the use of the hashtag, their bizarre choice of words leads to think that they need to seriously refine their screening process!