‘Curves are out, thin is in’: The line that caused a HUGE Twitter storm

The writers at AskMen must be feeling a bit guilty today… at least we hope so.

An article posted by the site came under fire yesterday for claiming that "curves are out" and "thin is in." The piece in question referenced an international academic study which stated that "both men and women consistently rate women with lower body fat and BMI as more attractive."

And the skinnier, the better, it seems. "Realistically there is a point at which people deem someone too skinny, but it’s well south of the average American’s BMI."

To conclude, no more curves because "a little extra cushion for the pushin’ may have been ideal a few thousand years ago, but now we recognise that child-bearing hips aren’t worth much if she’s going to keel over from a heart attack a year from now."


As is to be expected, the article caused a storm on Twitter, with women (and men) everywhere calling out AskMen for sexism and plain rudeness:

Whether they're "in" or not, we still LOVE our curves.