Feck it! Pints of Guinness will cost you MORE because of Brexit

Ah, lads. If you just love making your way through a lovely pint of Guinness then we have a bit of bad news for you.

Apparently, Brexit could effect the pricing of our beloved stout as prices are set to rise due to the UK's departure from Europe.

But, how? We asked ourselves the same thing. It turns out that the booze makes quite a few trips around the country before it's actually sent on to bars and pubs.

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According to The Guardian, cans of the good shtuff cross the Irish boarder twice before being shipped to their various destinations.

It's first made in St James's Gate brewery in Dublin, and then it's pumped into tankers and driven to east Belfast.

When it hits Belfast, it's then canned, and sent back to Dublin Port for distribution.

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A spokesperson for Guinness and Diageo confirmed that a harder boarder cross could cause delays for more than an hour per Guinness truck, which would end up costing around €100 per vehicle.

Add that up and the travel implications due to Brexit could cost the company around €1.3m additional costs a year.