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Primark are well-known for their affordable lingerie collections, but we have fallen head-over-heels in love with their latest Valentine's Day collection.

Featuring red lace cut-out bodys, lace thongs and matching bra sets, not to mention silk pyjamas and robes, you're in for a TREAT.

The vibrant red floral theme has stopped our hearts, we have got to get ourselves down to the nearest store to grab them before they're gone.


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Prices are starting at just €4.50, so you won't have to fret over sky-high costs of possessing such saucy lingerie.

You deserve to feel sexy all the time, but especially on the most romantic day of the year, right?

Labelled as a "match made in heaven", the collection features all types of nightwear, including pyjamas, camisoles and kimonos. SWOON.

Their website tells customers to: “Treat yourself to a lil’ gift ‘to you, from you’ and unwind in our new ivory lingerie, lace bodies, and nightwear range."

“The kimono sleeved dressing gown is about to become your new BFF, for early morning coffees at home, and pre night out prep sessions alike."

Don't mind if we do…At this low price, who could blame us for buying the entire shop?

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Pink lace bra: €12
Matching pink lace thong: €5
Pale blue Maximise diamanté bra: €10
Pale blue diamanté 2-pack lace thongs: €10

We're especially in adoration of the pale blue lace corset bra, I mean imagine how GREAT you'd look as a stunning Marie Antoinette?

The hugely popular store is also selling gifts for the big day of love, with candles, cushions, mugs and 'love vouchers' for your chosen one.

You'll have hearts racing in no time with these products. The collections are available in stores now, hurry down before February 14.



If your grandmother’s figure bears little resemblance to yours when she was your age, you’re not alone.

According to recently released figures, the average woman’s bust size has increased by three cups over the last fifty years.

Exploring the various ways women’s bodies have evolved over time, international lingerie brand, Bluebella, established that the average bra size has increased from a 34B to a 36DD since 1967.

With the help of government statistics, researchers discovered that the initial increase could be attributed to improved health in the first decade.

However, it looks like the size increase which took place throughout the 1980s was down to interest in breast enhancement surgery which was, at the time, in its infancy.

While this trend continued into the 1990s and is responsible for continued size increase, researchers determined that health factors played a role in the new average.

According to statistics, the growing problem surrounding weight and obesity signalled yet another increase while reliance on surgery also played a part.

Commenting on the research, Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell said: "The way women's busts have changed over the last 50 years has been remarkable.”

"Better health, diets, improved fitness and the trend towards bigger and often surgically enhanced busts make Miss Average from today barely recognisable from her 1967 counterpart when it comes to her figure.”

"To go from Jane Fonda's 34B bust in 1967 to Kim Kardashian's surgically enhanced 36DD breasts in the space of two generations represents a bigger shift in 50 years than is probably reflected in the previous few centuries," she added.




We've never actually noticed this before (and we probably should have) but, Marks and Spencer's bras are apparently setting off scanners when going through airport security.

Many women have complained about it on social media but Twitter user Ann decided to ask them head on after being searched.

It has been reported that there's a special metal in M&S bras that other retailers don't use.

The M&S Twitter page responded to the woman to say it's "on a mission to get this fixed". Let's hope they do soon!



The world of lingerie can be a daunting one, but you don't have to go donning suspenders to feel fabulous in your underwear.

From a well-fitted strapless bra to form-fitting shapewear, there are a few key items of lingerie that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Go for basic blacks and nudes, or opt for the jewel tones that are everywhere this season – it's all about using your lingerie to enhance your natural silhouette.

We caught up with Brown Thomas Lingerie Buyer Roslyn Ellis at the Fit to Feel Fabulous Press Show today, and got the lowdown on her ultimate underwear essentials.

1. A strapless bra
"Coming into party season, a good strapless bra is essential," Roslyn explains.

"Come in for a fitting, as a strapless bra gives support from the base so it's really important that you're wearing the right size for your shape – different styles work for different people."

Fashion Forms U-Plunge Strapless and Backless Bra, €30


Simone Perelle Celeste Strapless Bra, €74


2. Shapewear that works for you
"It's not about squeezing into shapewear these days, it's about working with your natural silhouette," Roslyn says.

"So if your tummy is somewhere you're worried about, there's shapewear that has zoned control there doesn't squeeze you in on the bum. There is so much innovation in shapewear these days."

Walcoal Retro Chic High Waisted Briefs, €34


Spanx Retro Briefs, €36


3. A well-fitting t-shirt bra
"T-shirt bras come in so many styles these days, and as long as your bra is fitted properly, there's a huge variety of options open to you," Roslyn explains.

"Don't be afraid to try new things – soft cups, lace styles, delicate straps – you'd be surprised what works."

Triumph Sheer Velvet Sensation Bra, €50


Stella McCartney Elena Reading Bra, €59.95



4. A pair of seamless underwear
"You 100 percent need some invisible briefs," says Roslyn. "They're perfect for everyday outfits and under evening wear too."

Calvin Klein Naked Touch Thong, €26


DKNY Seamless Energy Bikini Briefs, €15.95


5. Something you feel FABULOUS in
"If your bra is fitted correctly you won't even notice you're wearing one, but I love knowing I'm wearing a gorgeous bra underneath all the same," Roslyn says. 

"It's a huge self-confidence booster."

Stella McCartney Cherie Sneezing Balconette Bra, €54.95


B.Tempt'd Ciao Bella Balconette Bra, €42


All styles above are available at Brown Thomas stores and online.

To book your complimentary fitting appointment at Brown Thomas Dublin's Lingerie Rooms simply contact the team in store on 01 605 6666.