The signs you’re suffering from box-set addiction


So this is the show everyone is talking about – it can’t be that good, right? Eh, where did the last three days go?

  1. You can’t remember life before it and don’t want to imagine life without it
  2. You attach yourself to other fans of the show – in the office, amongst friends and even strangers on the bus.
  3. You ring in sick to work after watching ‘just one more episode’ until 3am.
  4. You dream about your favourite characters when you finally do turn it off and sleep.
  5. You consider retraining in whatever it is the lead characters do. How hard can detective school be, really?
  6. You start to think of any other activity as obstacles between you and the show, including washing, eating and spending time with loved ones.
  7. Nobody is safe from your rants on the merits of and multiple meaning behind the show, and you’ll continue on regardless even when they start to back away from you slowly.