Let's be real, we'd be totally lost without our phones. And in this day and age, the odds of someone not having a phone are pretty much zero. 

But if there's anything you've noticed in the recent mobile phone years, it's that everyone has a different type of phone personality. 

From the early adopters to the peeps who are ALWAYS plugged in, here are the six types of phone users in your girl gang:

1. The early adopter

Now, we're not talking about a baby bitten by the technological bug, we're talking about those people who always have the latest and greatest from the technology world.

They probably had your phone three years ago when it first hit the shelves in China and have since moved onto the next best thing.


2. The one who NEVER has data/credit

There's always one in the group, isn't there? At the start of the month they eat through their data plan and by day four it's all used up.

They spend the rest of the month trying to send 'call me' texts and scramble onto Facebook to see what the hell in the world is going on. 


3. The one that's ALWAYS plugged in 

We all know this type. No matter what's happening or where they are, they always have their phone attached to their hand.

Whether it's dinner, a movie, in class or in work, they will always be plugged in. Just who are they talking to?! 


4. The technophobe

This lady is almost afraid of her phone and uses it to the absolute bare minimum. They can manage the odd text or phonecall but don't even think about Whatsapp or Twitter. 

They also always wonder why they never hear about the group's plans… Ahem, if you looked at your phone every once in a while…


5. The constant texter

This person just hates talking on the phone. The second their phone flashes and a call is coming through, complete panic washes over them.

Even if it is just their mam asking what time they'll be home at. They will also pretend to text if an awkward situation arises. 


6. The one who never has battery

This is probably the most annoying type of all, both for you and your friend.

Having to lug around a charger everywhere is not fun, but not being able to get a hold of someone constantly, is not fun either.