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Azealia Banks is a woman of controversy, and her career has arguably been stalled and stopped multiple times because of her numerous spats with famous faces.

While Paddy Power was taking bets on whether or not the Harlem rapper would even play her set at The Academy last night, the 27-year-old miraculously showed up onstage.

She dedicated her gig to "All the beautiful Irish women", much to the amusement of the crowd of beloved fans who admitted that their rap hero was 'problematic', but has such good tunes you forget about it.


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Banks hit the headlines yesterday after an incident on board a flight from Gatwick to Dublin airport, which led to the artist having to take the ferry to Dublin.

She ended up having quite the rant on board the Aer Lingus flight, calling Irish women 'ugly' and launching into a tirade about our Celtic people.

“I’ve had enough of y’all oompa-loompa looking, spray-tanned, crazy-looking b****es tonight,” she raged, which was characteristic of her numerous feuds with other musicians.

“The girls have scurvy, they’re vitamin deficient, need some calcium tablets.”


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Reviews of the show claim the rapper brought an impressive set to her debut Irish show, channelling talent which is arguably gone to waste as her Twitter arguments have only done her damage.

Fans know her attitude well enough to dispel any negative thoughts of her social media ranting, choosing instead to focus on her musical prowess, surprisingly soulful voice and explosive rap verses.

“I’m a rude b**ch nigga, what are you made up of?” she spits on her classic hit, 212.

The 'Queen of Ireland' doesn't make any effort to cover up her personality, so take her with a pinch of salt but don't try to deny that the gal has talent.



Misrepresentation of a brand is an industry faux pas, and this is what Sunday Riley has been accused of this week. 

Sunday Riley is a luxury skincare brand, raved about by bloggers and influencers with an eye watering price tag, and so it would be assumed that they would have a high standard of results to match their high prices. The brand is famous for their unique products, such as their UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, and their Luna Night Oil Treatment.

Most people use reviews to base their buying decisions on, and it's likely that if you're considering parting with up to €105.00 on a skincare product, you're probably going to read the reviews.


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This week, Sunday Riley faced accusations of deception, after a Reddit user and supposed former Sunday Riley employee uploaded a document allegedly depicting an email series asking team members to leave fake positive reviews of the business.

A copy of what appears to be an internal email was uploaded to beauty page Estee Laundry. 

The document asks that employees 'write at least 3 reviews' on the Sephora website which reflect positively on the brand, and combat things said in negative reviews. 

Sephora have been in touch with the brand, and released a statement to Allure, reading:

'At Sephora, we believe in the power of the beauty community and that knowledge should be shared to benefit all. Sephora has very strict brand rules regarding our Ratings and Reviews, which we know are an important decision tool for our clients.'

'Additionally, we have teams dedicated to protecting the integrity of our Ratings and Reviews, ensuring through detailed moderation that it's a constant trusted, unbiased, authentic source for all. We do not believe this incident is representative of the Sephora Ratings and Reviews culture, or the countless hours our clients have spent sharing their product experiences with us and others.'


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'We've been in touch with Sunday Riley on this matter, and they have committed to adhering to our review policy.'

The accusations have opened up a wider discussion about online transparency for brands such as Sunday Riley. 

Some in the beauty community speculate that if these allegations are true, this certainly isnt the only example of a brand engaging in this type of alleged behaviour.