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Maura Higgins, Duchess of County Longford, shares her first kiss with Curtis Pritchard in tonight's episode of Love Island only hours after Amy Hart quit the show.

Curtis' 'half-girlfriend' Amy exited the villa of her own accord after an emotional farewell, still heartbroken at the end of her relationship with the professional dancer.

Maura has confessed her feelings to Curtis already, who told her he couldn't make any moves with Amy still feeling the pain of their break-up.

The Islanders are set a dance challenge tonight in order to get each others' hearts racing, and Maura makes sure she's got all the attention to see through her plan.

"I've got a bit of a plan up my sleeve. I just can't wait to get to Curtis," she admits in the Beach Hut. The contestants are each strapped up to heart monitors and are split into boys and girls.

The girls have to dance individually first, and Maura grabs Curtis for a kiss while the whole villa watches on. We LOVE the ridiculousness of this woman, but feel for Amy too.

Curtis is left without words after her confident display, and we'd say his heartrate skyrocketed. She's some woman, we'll give her that. The boys must then impress the girls with their sexy moves.

Seeing as Curtis is a professional dancer, he brings the heat to his routine and returns Maura's kiss after picking her up to sweep her off her feet.

We can FEEL how delighted those producers are. Earlier, Maura and Curtis were chosen by Chris and Francesca to go on a double date, but Maura was pretty distracted.

Maura flirts with Chris, but spends most of the date trying to see what Curtis and the new girl are up to.

"The poor lad is going to be talking to me and I'm just going to be earwigging. I want to hear the way Curtis is behaving!" she tells the Beach Hut camera about her date with Chris.

We can't see Curtis waiting to crack on with Maura, his respect for Amy wasn't exactly sky high when his head was turned by Jourdan after about 30 seconds. *Shade*

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While four Islanders exit tonight's Love Island, fresh faces will also arrive to spice things up even more.

That's right people, TWO sexy singletons will make their way into the villa amid a quadruple dumping, and Amy's exit voluntarily.

Anna Vakili's 29th birthday bash was interrupted last night by the shock news that Jourdan and Danny were voted out of the show as the least favourite couple.

The Islanders will gather around the fire put and discover that they must decide amongst themselves which couple can stay and which must leave; George and Lucie or Curtis and Amy.

Bear in mind that neither pairing are actually dating each other, following Amy's heartbreak when Curtis' head was turned and he savagely dumped her. George… well… his chat up line was about snacks.

Four will depart the ITV reality show tonight, but two brand new Islanders will bring big changes to the villa. We're guessing the dynamics will make a big shift.

It's worth mentioning that Marvin, Maura, Amber and Ovie are now single (Ovie and Amber need to create the rom-com of the summer and take their friendship to the next level) but the public haven't forgotten how devious Michael was.

The lad is a perfect example of toxic masculinity, and showed gaslighting tendencies while brutally ending his coupling with the unsuspecting Amber (the word CHALDISH was thrown around way too often).

We're guessing Michael and Joanna will be the next couple targeted, but also Curtis and Amy must be saved tonight seeing as Amy walks away?

Just as the remaining two couples think they are safe, there is another big bombshell from the producers.

Tommy Fury receives a text which states:

"One more couple will be dumped, the other couple will remain in the villa. The couple which stays and couple that is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders."

Former air hostess Amy Hart has left Love Island under mysterious circumstances following a heartbreaking few days for her.

The 26-year-old is the fifth star to leave this week, and her exit will be shown tonight. Hopefully we get a glimpse of the two newbies as well.

It's set to be quite the shocker of an episode, tune in at 9pm on Virgin Media.

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Amy Hart has officially quit Love Island and has left the villa this evening.

The air hostess was reportedly heartbroken after her break-up with Curtis Pritchard, following his head being turned in Casa Amor.

After returning from the other villa, Amy had to discover in front of everyone that her 'half' boyfriend was intending to couple up with another girl (Jourdan) but was rejected.

Image: ITV

Amy wanted to give Curtis another chance to redeem himself, but the professional dancer ended things for good, saying he couldn't promise that his head wouldn't be turned once again.

The couple split up, and now Longford lass Maura has expressed her feelings for him, much to his surprise.

Amy was removed from the villa last week to seek psychiatric help from specialists, so perhaps the best thing for her to do is return to her family and friends for support.

She already expressed to Anna and Amber that she was struggling to cope with seeing Curtis act fine about their split, and couldn't stop herself from talking to him.

The 26-year-old has never had a boyfriend before, so this experience must have been extremely difficult to handle, especially on live television.

We truly hope the show gives her the adequate aftercare following this experience.

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Eagle-eyed Love Island fans have already figured out a theory about which Islanders will be dumped from the villa tonight.

After last night's episode, the public vote opened for viewers to save their favourite pairing and it's set to be a massive shake-up to the couples.

Many of the duos are no longer dating, such as Maura and Marvin, Lucy and George and now Amy and Curtis, so there'll presumably be a recoupling taking place soon.

The couple with the least amount of support are expected to be booted out of tonight's show, as Iain Stirling revealed.

Many viewers are now claiming that Danny and Jourdan will be dumped, seeing as they've essentially been "edited out" of the show over the last few days.

Danny was in last night's episode less than Craig David, Ovie's tropical hat and Ellie Belly. Most of Twitter forgot that either Danny and Jourdan were even on the show…

Danny has already earned the nickname 'travel agent' seeing as anyone he couples up with ends up on the first flight home (RIP Yewande, we didn't deserve you).

ITV bosses have since revealed that not one but two couples will now be axed on Monday night, with only three weeks to go before the grand final.

It's Anna's birthday bash tonight, and it's revealed to the Islanders that the public have voted for their favourites and three couples with the fewest votes are at risk from being dumped.

As Amber and Jordan are both single, they're exempt from the dumping spree. Thank the Lord, because Amber is our life energy right now and we just can't lose her.

The couple who receives the fewest votes from the public will be announced around the fire pit and Tommy will get a text saying some crazy words;

“One more couple will be dumped, the other couple will remain in the villa. The couple which stays and couple that is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders.”

It's pretty clear that the public HATE Michael for how he's treated Amber (hello, toxic masculinity) and Joanna as a result. Plus, all the pair of them talk about is Amber. Ya boring. 

Who do you think will be voted out? We predict Danny and Jourdan, and the Islanders will possibly ditch Curtis and Amy as a shock result. Curtis is a devious man so he's welcome to pack his bags anytime…

Basically we want Amber and Ovie to realise their undying love for each other and take their friendship to the next level.

She said last night that she wants a six foot man with tattoos who loves a savage b*tch, and who is more savage than our dearest Amber? NOBODY. 

Think about it, the rom-com of 2019's summer. Ovie takes out Michael, and Amber eventually wins the show with him and then nabs the £50,000 for being the best Islander.

Then she splits the money like in Mean Girls when the Prom crown was divided, sharing her winnings with Anna, Yewande and Maura for being the greatest Love Island legend the game has ever seen. Mark our words.

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Love Island fans have been left completely confused after spotting Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart holding hands in last night's episode, and are now branding the show 'a fix'.

The ballroom dancer and air hostess looked back to their usual selves while running to see Craig David's DJ set, despite having just gone through a seemingly ugly break-up days before…

As the Islanders ran towards the iconic R&B singer, the ex's could be seen running hand-in-hand, and people were baffled.

Amy had been left absolutely heart-broken after a highly dramatic dumping at the hands of Curtis after his head was turned in Casa Amor, and he couldn't promise it wouldn't happen again.

Curtis came out of the whole debacle looking like a complete douchebag, having confronted Jourdan about his feelings for her despite only having had two conversations with the model.

Amy sobbed in the Beach Hut, saying that she had been made second best once again, while the audience glared seethingly at Curtis.

One Twitter user noted: “Curtis and Amy have broke up but they were just running down the stairs holding hands and laughing.”

A second added: “Amy and Curtis were just holding hands walking down the stairs when they noticed Craig David singing…..urm fix???? #loveisland”

The pair were seen dancing next to one another, even though Amy had just branded him a pr*ck only minutes before. It's all very strange…

Former contestants have previously opened up about how manipulative the producers can be, so it's extremely hard for viewers to decide what's real and what's fake.

What do you think, are Curtis and Amy secretly still together or are they just having a break-up hand-hold for old time's sake?

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Amy Hart has reportedly left the Love Island villa to receive mental health treatment following her brutal dumping by Curtis Pritchard on national television.

After sobbing in the Beach Hut and to her fellow islanders, sources have said that the reality show's bosses stepped in and whisked Amy out of filming to get psychiatric assistance.

According to The Irish Mirror, Amy is still part of the show but needed some therapy after her humiliation and betrayal by the professional ballroom dancer.

Amy began the show as part of the strongest couple, and the air hostess even told Curtis she was in love with him after discovering he had been pursuing new girl Jourdan.

Her lover wasn't as attracted to her as she had previously thought, and was broken-hearted after having a chat with Jourdan and revealing the extent of his heartlessness.

Jourdan commented that Curtis had called her beautiful, to which Amy glumly replied; "He has never told me that."


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After confronting Curtis, she cried in the Beach Hut, saying;

“I thought I’d met my first love and ‘the one’ and it turns out I haven’t. I’m someone’s back-up plan yet again.

“I wouldn’t have ever looked at anyone else. He was my future and now I have nothing and he’s taken that away from me," she added.

A Love Island spokesman said: "We take the emotional well-being of all the Islanders extremely seriously."


A post shared by Amy Hart (@amyhartxo) on

The spokesperson continued;

"We have dedicated welfare producers and psychological support on hand at all times who monitor and regularly speak to all of the Islanders in private and off camera, especially if someone appears to be upset.

"All the Islanders are therefore fully supported by the professionals on site and by their friends in the villa," they stressed.

"This means Islanders are always able to reach out and talk to someone if they feel the need. We will of course continue to monitor all of our Islanders in line with our robust protocols." 

The source also pointed out that; "Love Island holds a mirror up to relationships and all the different dynamics that go with them."

Last year's contestant Laura Anderson left the villa twice after being dumped publicly.

After Curtis confessed his feelings for Jourdan to Amy, many thought she would be the one to end things but it was the dancer that ended their four-week 'half' relationship.

Curtis told Amy that he wanted a future with her, but could not promise that his head would not be turned again.

He said: "I’ve meant everything I’ve said…but…I can’t promise you that this won’t happen again.

"And I don’t want to ever hurt you how I've hurt you and it's on me. Everything is on me."

After it dawned on her that he was essentially ending things, Amy said: "Fine. That's that then."


A post shared by Amy Hart (@amyhartxo) on

An apologetic Curtis explained: "And I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you. And you have every right to say whatever you want to say about me and to me. And I’m truly sorry."

Amy rightfully quizzed him on how he had gone from planning a future together to wanting to couple up with someone else in a matter of days.

She asked: "How can you go from saying I want a future with you to now saying you don't want to be with me?

As Amy got up to leave, she added: "You’re a liar. You’re a compulsive liar."

Fuming Love Island viewers expressed their anger at Curtis after watching the intense showdown.

"Curtis admitting that he tried and failed to cheat on Amy and then telling her he can't promise it won't happen again is f***ing wild. The actual audacity of some people," added one viewer.

Curtis always seemed like the father of the villa, the innocent nice guy. As Anna said, it's the ones that pretend to be nice that deliver the harshest blows.

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Curtis Pritchard has caused his fair share of chaos in the Love Island villa since Amy departed for Casa Amor, and he's not exactly earning many fans either.

He admitted to his 'half-girlfriend' Amy Hart that he was "lying to himself" about their relationship, and that he actually wanted to recouple with new girl Jourdan while Amy was staying loyal at Casa Amor.

Twitter were firmly Team Amy, who was absolutely broken-hearted to hear that her first love didn't feel the same way, and that she was "second best once again".

Curtis' famous brother AJ Pritchard has now had his say in the whole debacle, disagreeing with the rest of the Love Island boys' advice to avoid Amy for the day.

AJ wrote on Twitter: "Don’t give Amy space bro." Molly-Mae sat Curtis down last night and begged him to give her some space to process the difficult news, and Maura encouraged her to end things.

Speaking on Lorraine today, AJ said: "It's hard seeing him and seeing it from the bigger picture."


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He added: "Curtis wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s so honest, he literally can’t lie and that’s sometimes his downfall, sometimes I feel like, ‘Just say it this way, it’ll come across maybe nicer than the way you’ve said it…’”

The other girls are blocking Amy from talking to him," he explains. "My advice was just talk to Amy."

AJ also mentioned his disbelief at Curtis' alleged 'cheating': "It’s been portrayed that he’s kind of cheated on her, whereas realistically, yes he kissed another girl, but that was in a task."


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"She does need to trust in Curtis, I know it's hard," AJ said.

Asked whether he thought Curtis should stick with Amy, the dancer and performer said: "I think he should stay with Amy. Curtis does what he feels and he wants to get back with her. 100 percent yeah, she's a gorgeous girl."

Celebrities such as Stacey Solomon even tweeted her support for the air hostess, writing:

"Ok Amy I need to hug you. Honestly if the producers at Love Island can help make this happen I’d really appreciate it. My hormones aren’t allowing me to get over what I just saw 'back up plan'."


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Explaining his feelings to Amy after she returned from Casa Amor, Curtis told her:

"I realised that I had been lying to myself, I'd been lying to everybody and worst of all I'd been lying to you… Our relationship has stuff we need to work on, it really does and I've lied and said it hasn't."

Later in the Beach Hut, Amy sobbed: "My whole life I've been looking for someone who accepts me for me and I truly thought I'd found that and I thought you'd found that in me… Where do I go from here?"

Curtis was left sleeping alone in the day bed outside, while Amy couldn't stop crying after suffering her first real heartbreak on national television. AJ needs to give his bro better advice than that…

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Ex-Love Island reality star Yewande Biala has revealed her real feelings about Curtis Pritchard and Michael Griffiths, currently two of the most hated men in the world.

The scientist branded Curtis as a 'fake' who's operating with a 'game plan', and we have to agree.

The dancer's half-girlfriend last night, Amy Hart, was left absolutely crushed at the news that he'd been "lying from the start" about their relationship and had pursued Jourdan in Casa Amor.

Curtis admitted that he'd fancied another girl, kissed her twice while carrying out challenges in Casa Amor and had wanted to recouple with her but she declined his offer.

He confessed to Amy that he'd been rejected and it had made him reflect on their seemingly-perfect relationship, telling the boys that he found Amy to be too bitchy.

Speaking about life in the Love Island villa during her appearance on Good Morning Britain today, Yewande said: "I think some people are really genuine and obviously some people have a game plan."

Susanna Reid was quick to probe her on who exactly had a game plan in the villa, to which Yewande said: "From watching it yesterday, Curtis really shocked me. I'm still confused about how you can go from 100 to zero really quick.

"He basically said to Amy that he had been lying from the start, which kind of makes you question everything really. Like, did you have a game plan from the start? How have you kept lying to her for four weeks?," she added.

"That's a long time to lie to someone." Yewande was best mates with Amber in the villa and was quick to point out Michael's gaslighting behaviour last night, which has made him an enemy of viewers.

The 28-year-old firefighter decided to recouple with new girl Joanna and claimed the reason was due to Amber's childish personality and immaturity, and that he'd been "biting his tongue" and "not been himself".

When Amber called bullshit and asked for examples, he couldn't cough up a thing.

"I'm really disappointed in the way that he handled the situation," Yewande said. "He didn't want to apologise to Amber and was so quick to call her childish."

She added that while it was "important to go with your gut", all Michael did was "highlight all of Amber's bad qualities" instead of admitting he was just more into Joanna for compatibility reasons.

Yewande added: "He never took responsibility for his actions." Michael ended up feuding with Anna last night and things got heated, and poor Amber kept every ounce of dignity.

She proved that despite her age, she's still the most mature person in that villa.

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The nation are bound to shed a few tears tonight as Amy reveals her broken heart over Curtis' Love Island betrayal.

The stewardess is left feeling "like utter sh*te" following the discovery that Curtis wanted to choose Jourdan in the recoupling but was turned down.

She was planning on telling Curtis that she loves him after their reunion, but instead she found out she was his "back-up plan". We feel her pain.

Amy is seen bawling her eyes out in The Beach Hut, sobbing as she tells the camera: "I thought I'd met my first love and The One. But it turns out I haven't. I'm someone's back-up plan yet again."

While she was in Casa Amor remaining loyal, Curtis was busy stabbing her in the back, choosing to kiss Jourdan in two challenges and telling her his head was turned, despite her lack of interest.

In an explosive showdown tonight, the professional dancer tells Amy:

"I'm going to be completely truthful to you about everything.I pulled one of the girls for a chat and told her if recoupling was in half an hour I'd couple up with her."

"She said no, basically. I didn't want to touch you because I f***ed up, like really bad."

Amy replied: "So, she said no and you said 'alright, I'll go back Amy. I fell in love with you and I get back to this. I never thought you would do this to me.

"You're the perfect man after all. Do you know how worthless this has made me feel? To know you didn't like me enough or respect me enough to be able to resist."

At least Curtis has the good grace in the Beach Hut to look slightly ashamed of himself, saying; "I messed up. I hurt her and have treated her very bad. I've been disrespectful."

YES. YOU HAVE. He's acted fake, there's no going around it, and Michael is now the most universally hated man in the UK after his brutal behind-the-back bitching and dumping of Amber.

We can't cope with these boys, honestly. Tommy and Ellie Belly the teddy for the win. Tune in tonight to watch Amy's heart get blasted into pieces. We all want to hug her, don't we?

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The family and friends of Love Island's Amy Hart and Amber Gill have absolutely slammed Curtis and Michael over social media, and we have to say…GO OFF.

During last night's insanely dramatic episode of the ITV2 show, Amber was dumped by Michael in favour of new girl Joanna, and Curtis claimed his head was turned by Jourdan (who had zero interest).

The scenes shocked the entire nation, and their loved ones have been finding it difficult to watch their hearts being broken by boys who have completely led them on while they stayed loyal.

Amber Gill’s friend tweeted: “As one of Amber’s friends, that was hard for me to watch. It’s not nice to see your friend in pain and biting their tongue not knowing what to say.

“But it looks like tomorrow Amber and Anna are going to rip him a new a**hole, so it’s all good.”

The mate later sarcastically wrote:  “Wouldn’t trust Michael the firefighter to save me from a burning building… might change his mind halfway through, say I’m too young, and leave me there.”

Amy’s family were clearly finding it hard to watch too. They tweeted: “Oh Amy, girl.  YOU ARE  NO ONES  SECOND CHOICE!” Yes, girl.

After Jourdan carefully let Curtis know that she wasn't interested in him, Amy's Twitter wrote:  “What a shame that Curtis got pied.” It included a Beyoncé hair flip Gif, because of course.

In tonight's explosive episode, Curtis comes clean to Amy about his feelings for Jourdan, and she reveals that she was about to declare her love for him;

Amber was deeply shocked to find out that the man who had grafted LONG AND HARD to persuade her to couple up with him had actually ditched her for a brunette he's known three days.

The 21-year-old refused to get to know any of the new boys, despite Dan telling her she'd be the one he'd have wanted to get to know, and was horrofied at the idea of kissing anyone else.

The 28-year-old firefighter had other ideas, happily sharing a bed with Joanna and kissing her. Not to mention, talking smack about Amber to some random girl he barely knows, how's that classy?

Asked if he wanted to stay with Amber or choose Joanna, Michael said:

"The last few days have been quite interesting. They've opened my mind to a few things. So the past few days have given me a lot of time to reflect. I've come to the realisation that I've not been true to myself and I've overlooked certain situations that I wouldn't normally do.

"I've bitten my tongue when I wouldn't usually do so. Meeting this girl has brought the Michael that I know and everyone else knows back," he added, throwing shade at Amber FOR NO REASON.

Curtis also admitted that he'd taken a shine to new girl Jourdan, who is clearly into Danny and shared a bed with him. The dancer kissed her on two separate challenges, and admitted he fancied her.

Curtis said: "Amy and I we haven't had any test or bumps in the road and things were going fantastic until a few days ago.

"Basically a young girl walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things … It made me realise I'd been lying to myself and most of all, to Amy. I just hope everything can be sorted out."

Tune in tonight to see sh*t hit the fan with Amy and Curtis, and Michael and…every single girl in the villa. He's going to need physical protection because he's the most hated man in the nation.

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An explosive showdown is set to air on our screens tonight, with a recoupling set to rock the entire Love Island villa.

The Spanish house was split in two as the boys stayed put but the girls were sent to Casa Amor, and sparks flew between certain originals and newbies.

Things look like they'll come to a head tonight, with Caroline Flack entering the villa to host a recoupling with more drama than ever.

In a teaser clip for tonight, Curtis reveals that the scales have tipped, and he currently wants to recouple with new girl Jourdan rather than 'half-girlfriend' Amy.

Michael has also sent fans into an absolute rage by kissing new girl Joanna in front of everyone, while Amber and Amy stay fiercely loyal in Casa Amor.

All the Islanders are clearly shook by the two boys getting their heads turned, and Michael calling Amber 'childish' and Curtis calling Amy 'bitchy.'

After narrator Iain Stirling announces dramatically that it's decision time in the teaser clip, Curtis tells Jourdan; "Right of this second I'd choose you."

A shocked Jourdan asks : "Are you sure?" Michael spends his time grafting Joanna and kissing her on a sofa, saying, "If I went to kiss you right now would you stop me?" SNAKE.

She replies, grinning: "Probably not." But…but Amber?! We can't believe that Michael has essentially handed Tommy and Molly-Mae (#TollyMae) the £50,000 cash prize.

Tune in tonight at 9pm to see what chaos goes down at the recoupling.

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When spicy Love Island news hit yesterday that Curtis was "having doubts" about his relationship with air hostess Amy Hart, viewers were in disbelief.

The Sun has now reported that the professional Strictly dancer has kissed Jourdan Raine, just days after being separated from his 'half-girlfriend'.

Casa Amor has brewed up a storm since Friday night, with the loyalties of Michael and Curtis especially being tested by the new ladies.


A post shared by  (@curtispritchard12) on

The boys met a host of new girls at the original villa, and newcomer Jourdan locked lips with Curtis in a teaser clip from the infamous Virgin Media reality show.

It's believed that the intimate moment is part of a challenge, which will air tonight or tomorrow. The 23-year-old's doubts about Amy have led audiences to call for him to dump her.

His head is most definitely turned after locking eyes on the newbies, and fans were deeply upset for Amy online

One tweeted: "Curtis kisses Jourdan in the next episode. Nahhh Amy will disintegrate."

A second added: "For us, Michael and Amber may be the biggest plot twist but the villa will SHAKE if Curtis comes back with a new girl."

A separate viewer claims that Curtis is losing interest because himself and Amy were in the bottom three couples:

"Curtis' head's being turned bc he realised the public don't like him and Amy and he needs to act quick to save himself."

Another Twitter user shared her sympathies for Amy: "Did we just see Curtis kiss Jordana or what ever her name is! AMY DESERVES BETTER AT THIS POINT!”

Image: ITV2

Many fans are fearing how Amy will react to the news, seeing as she definitely doesn't have her eyes on any of the boys in Casa Amor.

Some are urging the dancer to go for Jourdan, but Tommy appears to be the only boy who is unswayed at the moment. Himself and Molly-Mae are currently looking like the purest couple.

What do you think Curtis will do, leave Amy for Jourdan or stay loyal? We can't cope with the island drama, Casa Amor has us in BITS.

Feature image: ITV2