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While four Islanders exit tonight's Love Island, fresh faces will also arrive to spice things up even more.

That's right people, TWO sexy singletons will make their way into the villa amid a quadruple dumping, and Amy's exit voluntarily.

Anna Vakili's 29th birthday bash was interrupted last night by the shock news that Jourdan and Danny were voted out of the show as the least favourite couple.

The Islanders will gather around the fire put and discover that they must decide amongst themselves which couple can stay and which must leave; George and Lucie or Curtis and Amy.

Bear in mind that neither pairing are actually dating each other, following Amy's heartbreak when Curtis' head was turned and he savagely dumped her. George… well… his chat up line was about snacks.

Four will depart the ITV reality show tonight, but two brand new Islanders will bring big changes to the villa. We're guessing the dynamics will make a big shift.

It's worth mentioning that Marvin, Maura, Amber and Ovie are now single (Ovie and Amber need to create the rom-com of the summer and take their friendship to the next level) but the public haven't forgotten how devious Michael was.

The lad is a perfect example of toxic masculinity, and showed gaslighting tendencies while brutally ending his coupling with the unsuspecting Amber (the word CHALDISH was thrown around way too often).

We're guessing Michael and Joanna will be the next couple targeted, but also Curtis and Amy must be saved tonight seeing as Amy walks away?

Just as the remaining two couples think they are safe, there is another big bombshell from the producers.

Tommy Fury receives a text which states:

"One more couple will be dumped, the other couple will remain in the villa. The couple which stays and couple that is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders."

Former air hostess Amy Hart has left Love Island under mysterious circumstances following a heartbreaking few days for her.

The 26-year-old is the fifth star to leave this week, and her exit will be shown tonight. Hopefully we get a glimpse of the two newbies as well.

It's set to be quite the shocker of an episode, tune in at 9pm on Virgin Media.

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Amy Hart has officially quit Love Island and has left the villa this evening.

The air hostess was reportedly heartbroken after her break-up with Curtis Pritchard, following his head being turned in Casa Amor.

After returning from the other villa, Amy had to discover in front of everyone that her 'half' boyfriend was intending to couple up with another girl (Jourdan) but was rejected.

Image: ITV

Amy wanted to give Curtis another chance to redeem himself, but the professional dancer ended things for good, saying he couldn't promise that his head wouldn't be turned once again.

The couple split up, and now Longford lass Maura has expressed her feelings for him, much to his surprise.

Amy was removed from the villa last week to seek psychiatric help from specialists, so perhaps the best thing for her to do is return to her family and friends for support.

She already expressed to Anna and Amber that she was struggling to cope with seeing Curtis act fine about their split, and couldn't stop herself from talking to him.

The 26-year-old has never had a boyfriend before, so this experience must have been extremely difficult to handle, especially on live television.

We truly hope the show gives her the adequate aftercare following this experience.

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When spicy Love Island news hit yesterday that Curtis was "having doubts" about his relationship with air hostess Amy Hart, viewers were in disbelief.

The Sun has now reported that the professional Strictly dancer has kissed Jourdan Raine, just days after being separated from his 'half-girlfriend'.

Casa Amor has brewed up a storm since Friday night, with the loyalties of Michael and Curtis especially being tested by the new ladies.


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The boys met a host of new girls at the original villa, and newcomer Jourdan locked lips with Curtis in a teaser clip from the infamous Virgin Media reality show.

It's believed that the intimate moment is part of a challenge, which will air tonight or tomorrow. The 23-year-old's doubts about Amy have led audiences to call for him to dump her.

His head is most definitely turned after locking eyes on the newbies, and fans were deeply upset for Amy online

One tweeted: "Curtis kisses Jourdan in the next episode. Nahhh Amy will disintegrate."

A second added: "For us, Michael and Amber may be the biggest plot twist but the villa will SHAKE if Curtis comes back with a new girl."

A separate viewer claims that Curtis is losing interest because himself and Amy were in the bottom three couples:

"Curtis' head's being turned bc he realised the public don't like him and Amy and he needs to act quick to save himself."

Another Twitter user shared her sympathies for Amy: "Did we just see Curtis kiss Jordana or what ever her name is! AMY DESERVES BETTER AT THIS POINT!”

Image: ITV2

Many fans are fearing how Amy will react to the news, seeing as she definitely doesn't have her eyes on any of the boys in Casa Amor.

Some are urging the dancer to go for Jourdan, but Tommy appears to be the only boy who is unswayed at the moment. Himself and Molly-Mae are currently looking like the purest couple.

What do you think Curtis will do, leave Amy for Jourdan or stay loyal? We can't cope with the island drama, Casa Amor has us in BITS.

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