‘It’s a total fix’: Love Island fans spot Curtis and Amy holding hands

Love Island fans have been left completely confused after spotting Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart holding hands in last night's episode, and are now branding the show 'a fix'.

The ballroom dancer and air hostess looked back to their usual selves while running to see Craig David's DJ set, despite having just gone through a seemingly ugly break-up days before…

As the Islanders ran towards the iconic R&B singer, the ex's could be seen running hand-in-hand, and people were baffled.

Amy had been left absolutely heart-broken after a highly dramatic dumping at the hands of Curtis after his head was turned in Casa Amor, and he couldn't promise it wouldn't happen again.

Curtis came out of the whole debacle looking like a complete douchebag, having confronted Jourdan about his feelings for her despite only having had two conversations with the model.

Amy sobbed in the Beach Hut, saying that she had been made second best once again, while the audience glared seethingly at Curtis.

One Twitter user noted: “Curtis and Amy have broke up but they were just running down the stairs holding hands and laughing.”

A second added: “Amy and Curtis were just holding hands walking down the stairs when they noticed Craig David singing…..urm fix???? #loveisland”

The pair were seen dancing next to one another, even though Amy had just branded him a pr*ck only minutes before. It's all very strange…

Former contestants have previously opened up about how manipulative the producers can be, so it's extremely hard for viewers to decide what's real and what's fake.

What do you think, are Curtis and Amy secretly still together or are they just having a break-up hand-hold for old time's sake?

Feature image: ITV2/Instagram/@curtispritchard12