The nation are bound to shed a few tears tonight as Amy reveals her broken heart over Curtis' Love Island betrayal.

The stewardess is left feeling "like utter sh*te" following the discovery that Curtis wanted to choose Jourdan in the recoupling but was turned down.

She was planning on telling Curtis that she loves him after their reunion, but instead she found out she was his "back-up plan". We feel her pain.

Amy is seen bawling her eyes out in The Beach Hut, sobbing as she tells the camera: "I thought I'd met my first love and The One. But it turns out I haven't. I'm someone's back-up plan yet again."

While she was in Casa Amor remaining loyal, Curtis was busy stabbing her in the back, choosing to kiss Jourdan in two challenges and telling her his head was turned, despite her lack of interest.

In an explosive showdown tonight, the professional dancer tells Amy:

"I'm going to be completely truthful to you about everything.I pulled one of the girls for a chat and told her if recoupling was in half an hour I'd couple up with her."

"She said no, basically. I didn't want to touch you because I f***ed up, like really bad."

Amy replied: "So, she said no and you said 'alright, I'll go back Amy. I fell in love with you and I get back to this. I never thought you would do this to me.

"You're the perfect man after all. Do you know how worthless this has made me feel? To know you didn't like me enough or respect me enough to be able to resist."

At least Curtis has the good grace in the Beach Hut to look slightly ashamed of himself, saying; "I messed up. I hurt her and have treated her very bad. I've been disrespectful."

YES. YOU HAVE. He's acted fake, there's no going around it, and Michael is now the most universally hated man in the UK after his brutal behind-the-back bitching and dumping of Amber.

We can't cope with these boys, honestly. Tommy and Ellie Belly the teddy for the win. Tune in tonight to watch Amy's heart get blasted into pieces. We all want to hug her, don't we?

Feature image: ITV2