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Since the comeback was confirmed, we have been waiting patiently on the return of Blind Date.

And now you can see the mischief unfold for yourself as Al Porter steps into the role of matchmaker.

Yep, TV3 is offering you and your mates the opportunity to be part of the live show audience in The Helix in Dublin.

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To apply for Blind Date audience tickets simply go on to the TV3 website, and click into the 'Take Part' section.

Then select the show number you would like to attend (there will be ten shows to choose from) along with details of your name, contact number and the amount of tickets you would like (max. 5).

You must be 18 or over to apply, and be available on these dates:

SHOW 1: Tuesday 11 July at 3pm

SHOW 2: Wednesday 12 July at 1pm

SHOW 3: Wednesday 12 July at 3.30pm

SHOW 4: Wednesday 12 July at 6.30pm

SHOW 5: Thursday 13 July at 1pm

SHOW 6: Thursday 13 July at 3.30pm

SHOW 7: Thursday 13 July 6.30pm

SHOW 8: Friday 14 July at 1pm

SHOW 9: Friday 14 July at 3.30pm

SHOW 10: Friday 14 July at 6.30pm

Allocation of tickets will be on a first come, first serve basis – so don't miss out!


Al Porter has spoken publicly about his struggle with depression for the first time.

Appearing on Brendan O’Connor’s The Cutting Edge last night, the Dublin based comedian revealed that despite his confidence, he does suffer with mental health issues. 

He also documented and challenged the stigma which currently surrounds taking anti-depressants in Ireland, using his own experience as a powerful example.

The 23-year-old began: “I’m going to tell you something now that I didn’t even tell my mam until two hours ago, when I rang her because I knew I was going to say it to you.”

Explaining his journey towards medication, Al recounted how a friend suggested that the reason behind his inability to enjoy his experiences and success may be down to a physical “imbalance” rather than an issue founded in circumstance.

“I went to a doctor, I wouldn’t even go to my own family doctor, I was too afraid.  So I went to a doctor in Carlow,” he confessed.  “He said ‘look, you need anti-depressants and I never thought that I would be that person.  Nobody in my family would think that I would be that person.”

“I’ve been hiding them in my house,” he continued.  “I have had my friend pick them up because I didn’t want to go in with the prescription.  I’ve had the prescription written to different names than my own.”

“That stigma, I never really thought it was real.  I heard people…talk about it and I’m kind of going ‘I can’t really get where you’re coming from’”.

“And then I suddenly realise, someone that’s as confident as me who tells people every detail of their life, I couldn’t just admit, yeah, that I need those pills.  They’re going to keep me balanced.”

“If I can’t cope with that, Jesus knows how somebody who doesn’t have the confidence that I have does.  [Someone] who’s in their bed for three weeks and is going, ‘Who am I going to ring to pick them up for me?’”.

Al has been widely praised online for sharing his story so candidly.

This morning, he took to Twitter to thank his followers for their support.



Most of us grew up knowing that when it came to Irish icons, Gay Byrne wasn't far off it. 

Whether it was hearing his radio show on days off school, waiting on the Tayto and Club Orange you got once The Late Late kicked off on a Friday night or giving The Meaning of Life a cursory glance as an adult, Uncle Gaybo has been with us every step of the way.

So, it's probably no surprise that when Tallaght-born comedian, Al Porter, was offered some sage advice from the man himself, he grabbed it with both hands.

Speaking to RSVP, Al revealed that Gay had suggested he ditch the booze during performances after seeing the young comedian struggle to keep up after downing pints.

"I had a beer on stage with me at the gig and I was drinking the beer and the audience started to cheer, 'down it, 'down it' and I did. I had told a guy on the crew when I finished  my pint to put another one at the side of the stage," Al recalled.

"He put one out and the audience thought it was a joke so they started to say 'down it, down it'. So, for the craic, I downed that one too and for the next couple of jokes, I had to suppress getting sick on stage," he admitted.

Explaining that the situation hadn't escaped Gay, Al said: "Nobody really noticed, but Gay did. He told me he loved the show, but then said, 'Don't drink on stage, it's not professional and I don't like it. You are in control, not the audience.'"

And, according to Al, he's been on the water ever since.

Mr. Byrne? You job here is done.


Wee Nialler from One Direction is a fan (we can’t blame him), and he’s recently appeared on the likes of the Late Late.

Then there’s his recent UK TV debut – made earlier this year on BBC’s Live At The Apollo.

Yes, serious hat-tip to funnyman Al Porter, aka the youngest lad to ever headline his own show in Vicar Street.

That and his latest offering is completely hilarious.

He’s back in the Dublin city centre venue later this evening and tomorrow – before moving on to the likes of Drogheda, Wexford, and Kerry.

But it was a warm-up gig in Bray, Co Wicklow last night that has us dyin’. And in particular, we are flat-out delira to discover that Al does a killer Twink impression.

Delightfully calling the former panto queen a “mad bitch,” he goes on to describe how she had once lamented a break-in at her home.

“Remember when her gaff was robbed? Fucking Kim Kardashian eat your fucking heart out!” he utters to riotous laughter from the crowd at the Mermaid Centre.

“Twink came over to me and she said the best sentence I’ve ever heard – and this isn’t a joke – she said to me; ‘I’m just so upset, it’s an awful thing to happen – absolutely awful, dreadful, dreadful.

“‘I’m not materialistic but… my fucking diamonds!’

“What a sentence – ‘I’m not materialistic but my fucking diamonds'.

“Mad bitch.”

However, it was his follow-up tale of Twink at the panto that really has SHEmazing! HQ in stitches.

“I did the Olympia panto and I saw her in the audience and I said ‘big hello to Adele King, aka Twink, fair play to you,’” he begins.

“And she stands up uninvited and goes ‘Can I just say…’ and everyone’s like, ‘Mammy I’m scared.’


A photo posted by Al Porter (@alportercomic) on

‘Can I just say,’ – and she’s doing the fucking claw… ‘Can I just say: Al Porter is a star and there hasn’t been a panto this good – and she’s addressing the audience like 2,000 people, no mic – ‘there hasn’t been a panto this good since I did panto in the Olympia'.

“Fucking love the balls of her. You know what I mean?”

Not only is Al now up for a Rising Star Ifta award tonight, but the 24-year-old Tallaght-native has also just filmed a comedy segment for the BBC alongside Jack Whitehall and Ricky Gervais.


We all love Al Porter here in Shemazing HQ, and it looks like we're not the only ones!

It was announced today that the Irish comedian’s show At Large is nominated for Best Comedy Show at this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

Taking place this Saturday 27th August, Al will follow in the footsteps of Irish comedy legends such as Dylan Moran and Tommy Tiernan, who were both previously nominated for this award.


Hosting Edinburghs biggest comedy gala tonight !

A photo posted by Al Porter (@alportercomic) on

Speaking in Edinburgh today, Al said, “I’m over the moon and so surprised and thrilled. I’ve been having a ball with audiences of all ages over here in Edinburgh and to be nominated for this award like my heroes Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran were before, is just surreal.

"I’m definitely expecting a free pint in my local The Dragon in Tallaght now,” he added.


Backstage at the Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh

A photo posted by Al Porter (@alportercomic) on

Al's show, At Large, comes back to Ireland next month for a nationwide tour which will kick off in Vicar street on September 9th.

We wish him the best of luck!