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Brendan O'Connor returns to our screens this March with more of his award-winning RTÉ One series Brendan O'Connor's Cutting Edge and you can be there, up close and personal to see it first-hand!.

Each week, Brendan O'Connor will be joined by three regular panellists to cut into the week's news from Ireland and around the world, in the style of a darkly comedic post mortem.

This hugely entertaining show will feature the big news stories, alongside the colourful nuggets that may have escaped attention.

The panellists will be drawn from a reliable stable of opinionated commentators, with some exciting names from the world of comedy and media to add to the mix.

Prepare to witness the biggest water cooler moments of the week, kicking off on Wednesday March 20th at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

Cutting Edge will be broadcast live from RTÉ studios, and we're offering you the chance to witness the discussions first hand.

If you have ever wanted to take part in a live studio audience (and the wine reception before hand) sign yourself up.

For your chance to be part of the live audience and see the action at its closest, send us an email at tickets@mindthegapfilms.com or call 01 6624742.”


Al Porter has spoken publicly about his struggle with depression for the first time.

Appearing on Brendan O’Connor’s The Cutting Edge last night, the Dublin based comedian revealed that despite his confidence, he does suffer with mental health issues. 

He also documented and challenged the stigma which currently surrounds taking anti-depressants in Ireland, using his own experience as a powerful example.

The 23-year-old began: “I’m going to tell you something now that I didn’t even tell my mam until two hours ago, when I rang her because I knew I was going to say it to you.”

Explaining his journey towards medication, Al recounted how a friend suggested that the reason behind his inability to enjoy his experiences and success may be down to a physical “imbalance” rather than an issue founded in circumstance.

“I went to a doctor, I wouldn’t even go to my own family doctor, I was too afraid.  So I went to a doctor in Carlow,” he confessed.  “He said ‘look, you need anti-depressants and I never thought that I would be that person.  Nobody in my family would think that I would be that person.”

“I’ve been hiding them in my house,” he continued.  “I have had my friend pick them up because I didn’t want to go in with the prescription.  I’ve had the prescription written to different names than my own.”

“That stigma, I never really thought it was real.  I heard people…talk about it and I’m kind of going ‘I can’t really get where you’re coming from’”.

“And then I suddenly realise, someone that’s as confident as me who tells people every detail of their life, I couldn’t just admit, yeah, that I need those pills.  They’re going to keep me balanced.”

“If I can’t cope with that, Jesus knows how somebody who doesn’t have the confidence that I have does.  [Someone] who’s in their bed for three weeks and is going, ‘Who am I going to ring to pick them up for me?’”.

Al has been widely praised online for sharing his story so candidly.

This morning, he took to Twitter to thank his followers for their support.




Over the years at RTÉ there have been many instances of hecklers and protestors making their voice heard at shows such as The Late Late Show – and now The Saturday Night Show is a victim!

As the credits rolled and Brendan O’Connor began to call a competition winner, a man began to heckle: “Kenny Kenny out out” – but don’t worry, it wasn’t poor Pat Kenny being attacked again, but Enda Kenny. Or at least we assume so…

However, kudos have to go Brendan O’Connor’s way as he shouted at the heckler: “Will ya sit down ya clown!” who had now moved on to shouting about RTÉ propaganda. 

Never a dull moment on Irish TV – that’s for sure!

To be fair to him…he handled it a lot better than Pat Kenny did back in the day, which oddly enough Brendan O'Connor was on stage for…