The 5 most annoying things about airports


Airports can be annoying, really annoying, especially if you are waiting on a delayed flight. There is nothing worse than being stuck for hours with nothing to occupy you but your phone and dodgy wifi.

The most annoying things about airports include:

Too few seats
You’d think by now there would be enough seats to accommodate more than a handful of people.

Uncomfortable seats
When you do manage to grab one you spend most of your time arranging bags and coats to make it at least somewhat comfy.

A lack of power sockets
Phone battery is flat, your flight is delayed two hours and you have nowhere to charge your phone. Not such fun times.

Paying for wifi
Seriously, this is just wrong. Then there is the added expensive of buying magazines when it doesn’t work to keep us amused while we wait. And to top it off you have to show your boarding card for every single purchase.

The boarding call
Telling you it’s time to board and leaving you in the queue for ten minutes. You’re going to get a seat so just wait until the queue starts moving.