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Wine lovers are usually the best people to get gifts for: a nice bottle of wine and Bob's your uncle!

But because we want to show this special person that we actually care about them and put a bit of an effort into their present, here are some ideas that will make the wine lover in your life incredibly happy.

1. Some tasty candies

HOLLYS LOLLIES, Mulled Wine Humbugs, €8.00, brownthomas.com

2. A cool wine cooler 

EDDINGTON, Epicurean Straight Sided Wine Cooler, €44.95, arnotts.ie

3. A mug to remember that wine time is coming

'Because It's Too Early For Wine' Hand Lettered Mug by HOPE AND HALCYON, €14, notonthehighstreet.com

4. A pretty candle

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle, €27.69, uncommongoods.com

5. A wine course

Wine course at the Dublin Wine School, from €120, dublinwineschool.ie

6. A sommelier set

J by Jasper Conran, Silver sommelier gift set, €42.00, debenhams.ie

7. A monthly supply of wine

Donnybrook Fair Wine Subscription, €39.99, donnybrookfair.ie
8. A sleek wine pump

LE CREUSET Wine Pump & 3 stoppers, €26.00, arnotts.ie

9. Elegant wine glass charms

JOANNA BUCHANAN, Set of 6 Jewelled Wine Charms, €55.00, brownthomas.com



December is officially upon us, and on these cold, dark evenings all we want to do is lounge around in our onesies clutching a glass of vino.

Now there's a seriously festive way to enjoy that evening tipple that doesn't involve a reindeer jumper.

The Santa's Flask stocking is the perfect combination of a Christmas decoration and a reminder of your penchant for pinot. 


A photo posted by SantasFlask (@santasflask) on

Like a typical stocking, Santa’s Flask can be hung from the mantle piece for easy access from the couch to your favourite alcoholic beverage. 

It's also portable, so it's perfect for all those upcoming Christmas parties.  

While drinking out of a sock-shaped plastic bag may not be the classiest of methods, it's definitely festive. 

The flask can hold up to three bottles of wine so getting jolly on Christmas eve will be no problem.

Just make sure you leave a glass out for Santa.  


With winter fast approaching and the dark evenings setting in, there are few things more comforting then a long, hot, steamy bubble bath. 

It's one of life's most simple pleasures and we're pretty sure we have routine down to a fine art at this stage – but hey, we're always open to suggestions (especially when those suggestions involve wine). 

Introducing Sip Caddy, a nifty little gadget that's been especially designed to hold your favourite long-stem glassware – and leave in hanging within arms reach while you take that well-deserved soak in the tub.

The holders are made using sturdy material which, according to the manufacturer, can withstand up to seven pounds of pressure (that's roughly two and a half bottles, FYI).  

Not a wine kinds gal? Not to worry. The caddy can be used to hold beer cans, juices, snack bowls, and pretty much anything small enough to fit on its surface. 

And yes, that does mean cake in the bath. 

You can pick up your very own Sip Caddy from the official website or on Amazon


As far as we’re concerned, the best time to reach for an alcoholic drink is when you’ve officially had it up to here with life, and need a quick sip to take the edge off.

And that, ladies, is why we let the experts tend to the scientific research because we are, in fact, a little short of the mark on this one.

According to research compiled by the health and wellbeing firm Forza Supplements, the best time to chill-out with the first drink of the day is 6.10pm – four hours before we go to bed to maximise liver recovery time.

And it’s not just alcohol that our body clock has a specific response to, either.

The recent findings suggest that there exist optimum times for a number of activities, from work and sex to exercise and sleep.

The best time to have sex is at 7.30am – around 45 minutes after you wake up because energy levels are at their highest after a good night's rest which means you have more stamina.

The rush of endorphins sparked by sex lowers blood pressure and stress levels and makes us feel more upbeat for the rest of the day.

And once you’ve gotten down and dirty with your other half, researchers claim the individual is best suited to work-related tasks.

Apparently, our concentration levels peak three hours after we wake up so the best time to do the most taxing jobs at work is around 9.45am as your memory, focus and creativity levels are at their best.

And now to exercise.

Studies have found that strength is at a low point in the morning and gradually climbs until it peaks in the early evening.

So, if you’re a gym bunny with a focus on weights, you’re likely to do your best work in the early evening.

And where does sleep feature in all of this?

Well, researchers assert that the best time for sleep is at 10.10pm – allowing for 20 minutes to get to sleep and 90 minutes of the most restorative non-REM sleep which is most likely to occur prior to midnight.

Commenting on the findings, Forza Supplements managing director, Lee Smith, explained: “What we set out to do was to find out the absolute optimum times to work, rest and play.”

"While no two people are the same, these were found to be the very best times for the average person to do the key activities which make for a healthy and happy life.”

You heard the man.


So, we're all aware of the impending doom that global warming promises to bring. The ice-caps will melt, oceans will rise and civilisation as we know it, will be over.

And while keeping our cities above sea-level would seem like a pretty decent incentive for using a green bin, many of us are still not doing our part.

Well, this stops today, because rising global temperatures are wreaking havoc on wine production in Mediterranean countries.

A new report has revealed that a slight increase in temperature in the region may result in labour and productivity losses in the European wine industry – and we just won't have it! 

Published in the Temperature journal, the article outlined how high temperatures may effect the labour output and productivity of manual agricultural grape-picking workers.

The study, which focused on workers in Cyprus who often work in conditions up to 36C, found that higher temperatures led to labour losses of up to 27 per cent.

It's thought that the increased heat can put stress on the workers' metabolic and cardiovascular systems.

The amount of time workers were able to carry out their duties was also reduced by 15 per cent, because of the need for a greater number of breaks.

Wine as we know it could soon be a thing of the past as grapevines are very responsive to their surrounding environment, with soil condition being a key factor in taste.

Dig out the reusable cups – together, we can save the vineyards of Europe. 


Stop. Everything.

If you've ever fancied something a little stronger than your tall skinny-latte, listen up. 

Starbucks have just announce plans to open their largest branch to date, housing a coffee-roasting area, retail spaces, a Princi bakery, and wait for it – a mezzanine bar serving beer, wine and spirits.

The 20,000-square-floor store is set to open on New York's Ninth Avenue and is said to be modelled after the original Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle.

The news comes from a Starbucks attorney, Jonathan Bing, who presented the news to Manhattan’s Business Licenses and Permits committee on Wednesday.

The company have also announced plans to recruit local artists to perform at the venue.

There's no word yet on whether Starbucks' new boozy menu will hit Irish shores anytime soon, but we can't imagine we'll have to wait too long.

We are the inventors of the boozy coffee after all.


We all know the drill; once you open a bottle of wine, you have to drink it.

And while most of the time we won't protest to that, there are times when we only want one glass (or fall asleep two glasses in).

But, once you open the bottle, it won't be long before the wine starts to taste pretty awful.


If you're into your vino, then you'll know that the minute wine mixes with air, it starts to oxidise which changes the taste.

So, now you have three options for that lovely half-bottle of red; begrudgingly drink the foul-tasting vino; throw it out (sob); or use it while cooking (which you won't).

We don't fancy choosing any of those options, so that's where this little gadget comes in.

eto wine preserver

Say hello to Eto, a patented decanter with an airtight seal which promises to to keep red, white and rosé wine fresh for up to 12 days.

Experts have said that most standard wines will only last two to three days max once opened, so Eto is definitely going to save us wincing every time we take a sup of gross, gone-off wine.

Praise be.


There have been many nights where we totally regret not stopping off at the off licence on the way home.

Because, a glass of vino would go really well with that Indian take away, right?

But, once we've perched our bums firmly on our couches, there's little chance of us being able to get up to answer the door to the delivery man, let alone take a step outside.

Therefore, we are booze-less.

Image result for sad face gif

Well, for some lucky Dubliners, that doesn't have to happen anymore.

Just Eat announced this weekend that it has teamed up with O'Briens Wines in Donnybrook to deliver you all the wine, champagne and prosecco your heart desires.

Customers in more than 20 city suburbs will be able to order their beverages from 1pm – 9.30pm daily.

O'Briens Wines will now be delivering to these areas:

  • Dublin 2
  • Grand Canal Dock
  • Harold’s Cross
  • Irishtown
  • Milltown
  • Portobello
  • Ranelagh
  • Rathgar
  • Rathmines
  • Ringsend
  • Sandymount
  • Warrenmount
  • Windy Arbour
  • Ballsbridge
  • Belfield
  • Booterstown
  • Churchtown
  • Clonskeagh
  • Dartry
  • Donnybrook

Enjoy ladies!

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When you think of the perfect summer day, it usually consists of booze and a fancy place to drink it in.

Well, we have answered your prayers.

Actually, scratch that; The Exchequer Wine Bar has answered your prayers.

The Ranelagh eatery's 'Open Air Terrace' is super slick and offers you a spacious, chilled place to sip on your Chardonnay.

Its nibbles also look divine, with cheese and meat platters being served up by the plenty.

With bottle of the week offers and mystery wines featured each weekend, it's definitely on our list for summer.


Ah, science. How we love you.

We particularly love science today because it has just figured out that drinking wine is good for your brain.

According to new research in the field of neurogastronomy, our brains have to work super hard to process the taste of some delish vino.

Wine Glass Bottle

In fact, it would be a similar intensity to listening to music or solving a maths problem.

One of the lead researchers, Dr Shepherd, says that wine molecules are harder to break down than other alcohols and actually don't possess an inherent flavour.

So, when we drink wine, our brains have to become stimulated and forced to create the flavour we're tasting.

Glasses of Rose Wine

The research, which was carried out at Yale, also said it's worth noting that 'flavour creation' is only triggered when we take the time to sip on a glass of wine.

If we just knock it back (as you do), the taste won't resinate, and that's why sometimes good wine doesn't taste so great.

So, there you have it. Drink the wine.


We're told that coffee is for day-time and wine is for night-time.

And we really can't get those two confused.

Most days, we wish night-time would come sooner so we could launch into that glass of vino after a hellish day.

So, when we heard about wine-infused coffee, our heads totally melted.

Image result for wine infused coffee

They're not meant to be for the same time of day, right?!

But, looking more into this beautiful beverage, it seems pretty fecking great.

The coffee is infused with some of the best wine in the world, coming from Napa Valley, and the coffee is "rich" and "full-bodied."


Monlinari Private Reserve looks dreamy and we've decided we're going to drink it in the evening-time. A perfect in-the-middle spot.

The drink has become so popular that it's currently sold out, but keep a look out on this website for when it comes back in stock.


We love wine, and we love coffee, so when we heard that there was a new product on the market that incorporates the two, we got more than a bit excited.

Wine-infused coffee is officially a thing, but before you lose the run of yourself entirely, we have a bit of bad news.

Image result for wine funny

The wine/coffee hybrid doesn't actually get you drunk, but instead infuses the two rich flavours for an experience for the taste buds, rather than the liver.

The coffee beans, made by Molinari Private Reserve, are drenched in wine before being dried and bagged to create the distinct flavour. 

Image result for wine funny

"This full-bodied coffee relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history, then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches," reads the website.

The coffee is currently only available online, for a pretty reasonable €20.00, so we may have to pick up a bag (or three). 

Our inner coffee snob is drooling.