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Did you know that electric toothbrushes have recently been scientifically proven to be more effective in protecting your oral health?

According to a study conducted over the last ELEVEN years (!!!) electric toothbrushes clean teeth and gums much better than a manual toothbrush. Scientists found that electric toothbrush users have ‘healthier gums, less tooth decay and also keep their teeth for longer’ than those who use a manual toothbrush.

Young woman cleaning teeth in bathroom

The longest study of its kind, the Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, believes this study backs up what smaller studies have previously suggested.

Dr Carter says: “Health experts have been speaking about the benefits of electric toothbrushes for many years. This latest piece of evidence is one of the strongest and clearest yet – electric toothbrushes are better for our oral health.

“Electric toothbrushes, especially those with heads that rotate in both directions, or 'oscillating' heads, are really effective at removing plaque. This helps keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

With only 49% of adults currently using electric toothbrushes, we have to ask – what are you waiting for?

assorted-color toothbrush lot

Dr Carter reassures us that “given the advantages of electric toothbrushes, having one is an excellent investment and could really benefit the health of your mouth.”

Further findings from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, found that electric toothbrushes resulted in 22% less gum recession and 18% less tooth decay over the 11-year period.

A firm favourite with customers worldwide, is the Sonic Toothbrush, which comes complete with a 2-minute timer and allows for a deeper clean with 3 speed settings with various amplitude ranges to suit every individual need. With a long-lasting battery and a protective travel case, the Sonic Toothbrush gently and effectively removes plaque and discolouration. The sonic toothbrush comes with an additional 3 brush heads and a protective travel case.

The Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush is a game changer for oral health. It uses professionally designed sonic technology which allows the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush, while achieving a deep clean effect. Efficient, high-frequency brush movements ensure both toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to even the most inaccessible places. The sonic toothbrush was designed with both efficiency and comfort in mind. It ensures an amazing clean and in turn, long term oral health.

The three speed settings cater for every kind of brusher, with the sensitive setting at 31,000 reps/min (Gentle Care), clean setting at 41,000 reps/min (Clean) and white setting at 48,000 reps/min (Intense Surface Stain Removal).

Retailing at €110, this toothbrush is an investment in your smile and long-term oral health, to keep your teeth squeaky clean!




Summer is right around the corner, and we've already started thinking about where we want to jet off to on our holidays.

There is nothing better than taking a city break with friends or heading off to the sun, but it can be seriously inconvenient if we forget something along the way.

Here are a few things we always forget, so make sure you put them on your list of travel essentials. 

1. Toothbrush

This is definitely the most important essential that people forget to bring all the time.

The best thing to do is have a travel toothbrush specifically ready for going on holidays with you, that way you can leave your usual one at home to languish without worrying about having to remember it the morning of your flight. 

SONIC Chic has just unveiled their Urban Collection, which includes six gorgeous, holiday-worth designs that fit perfectly into your travel bag. 

The eclectic range of electric toothbrushes are available from Boots for a complete bargain at €14.95.


2. Flip flops

There is no excuse to forget flip flops when you can get them cheap as chips on the high street and in Penneys. 

Buying them at home before you go is a good option, as often seaside vendors abroad charge a bit more for them, knowing that people have forgotten them at home. 

Penneys have so many gorgeous styles at the moment, including these two pairs, which come in at only €1.00 and €2.00 respectively. 

3. Chargers and adapters

You can pick up adapters easily in the airport on your way, but be sure to hold on to them when you return so you can use them again and again. 

Chargers are another often forgotten item, so make sure you have one stashed away in the pocket of your handbag at all times. 

4. Headphones 

There is nothing worse than having a long journey ahead of you with no headphones available. 

These can be bought from pretty much anywhere, but it's so annoying to have to spend money on something you already have at home, so make sure to pack these the night before. 


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5. Tea bags 

Yes, we know it's a bit of a cliché, but sometimes all you want in the evenings is a decent cuppa. 

Just pop a few tea bags in your case for emergencies and you're good to go.

The tea bags can also help keep your clothes fresh on long-haul flights thanks to the odour absorbing power of tea. 

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For something that is such a fixed part of our daily routine, it is amazing just how many of us get it wrong.

It is almost so second nature that we don’t really give it too much thought. The problem with this is if we become complacent with our routine or get lazy, we may not be giving our teeth the proper care that they need which can lead to problems such as cavities and gum disease.

So, instead of filling our mouths with nasty, painful fillings, let’s take a look at the simple way to brush our teeth properly.

It only takes two minutes

Two minutes is the correct amount of time each person needs to spend per teeth brushing session. You’re probably thinking “I always take two minutes to brush my teeth,” but you’d be surprised. The majority of people don’t spend nearly this amount of time, even when they think they do. Try using a watch or phone to make sure you are actually taking two minutes.

45-degree angle

Most of us start brushing across our teeth in wide, side-to-side strokes. But this can actually damage them and cause scrapes along the gum line. Instead, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and use short up-and-down strokes.

Mix it up

Out of sheer force of habit, we all generally tend to start brushing our teeth in the same place every time. The problem here is that a lot of us get bored and taper off towards the end of the process, meaning that there are certain spots in our mouth that are being neglected every time. Try starting from a different place every time you brush your teeth and it’ll make sure you get them all.

Too much is not good

The HSE recommended that we brush our teeth at least twice a day. However, any more than three times and you may start to wear down the enamel on your teeth.

Brush your tongue

Sometimes after we brush our teeth there can often still be a bad taste left in our mouths. This is because our tongues are the main cause of bad breath. So, when you have finished your brushing regime, gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath.  


You put it in your mouth twice a day, but do you really know what’s lurking between and on the bristles?

Here are five nasty germs hiding on your toothbrush:

Yes, the virus that causes you to get sick. If you have a cold or are coughing you need to either dump your brush when you are better or soak it in Milton tablets to ensure it is germ free.

Faecal matter
That’s poo to you and me. This is because when you flush the toilet, water droplets are injected into the surrounding area often landing on your toothbrush.

E. Coli
The germ associated with causing you to vomit and have diarrhoea can be found there. Gross.

Yes, blood – mainly caused by bleeding gums. If this is you, not only should you probably make an appointment with the dentist but you might want to clean your brush.

Well you are brushing the food out of your mouth so this one is not really surprising. Gross, but not shocking.

Bet you’ll think twice now about hanging on to your brush for longer than four months.


Nobody wants teeth like Doggett in OITNB, and if that’s what you strive for, well you’re on your own.

Nice white teeth will ensure your smile beams across the room and you feel confident when getting up close and a little intimate with that someone special.

Thankfully, maintaining healthy teeth and a clean mouth doesn’t stop when you head out the door in the morning.

Brushing teeth in the office, college, at the gym or even after a meal in a restaurant is a great habit to pick up and will go a long way to ensuring good dental health and hygiene.

To help you maintain a good healthy smile, you need to invest in a good brush that you can take with you on the go. Popping a spare brush in your bag will mean you will never have to skip bushing – even if you didn’t quite make it home the night before…

Slim Sonic is a stylish toothbrush that will help you keep your mouth healthy, even when not at home. The sonic brush brings a whole new dimension to toothbrushes, merging fashion, ease-of-use and effectiveness as its 22,000 brushstrokes per minute ensure teeth are cleaned thoroughly but gently.

With its protective mascara–style ventilated cap to keep the brush head dry, you can rest assured your toothbrush will always be germ free. The on/off button is conveniently located under the cap and it comes complete with a replacement head and AAA battery.

With is wide choice of bright colours and patterns, you’ll look and feel fabulous every time you use your portable toothbrush.


Going around without having brushed your teeth is an awful feeling, but is it bad enough to resort to using someone else’s toothbrush – particularly your other half’s as you’ve been kissing them anyway?

Here at SHEmazing we’re kind of split – is it better to use his toothbrush than to not brush at all?

Well, if you’re ever facing this dilemma again, perhaps take a look at what happens when you use someone else’s toothbrush. We trust you to make the right decision (i.e. just use your finger).

The Chicago Dental Society says that kids who use their siblings’ toothbrushes, are more likely to develop an infection that can lead to holes in their teeth and tooth decay. We imagine it’s the same if you’re using your boyfriend’s toothbrush. Also, apparently one of the most common bacteria’s found on a toothbrush is beta-hemolytic streptococcus, which causes strep throat – and you don’t want that. Mutant strains of streptococcus are known to cause decay aswell. Lovely.

Blood stream diseases
Dentists have warned that since sometimes your gums may bleed while brushing your teeth, sharing a toothbrush can transfer bloodstream diseases such as hepatitis – now THAT is kind of scary.