Do you know what’s hiding on your toothbrush

You put it in your mouth twice a day, but do you really know what’s lurking between and on the bristles?

Here are five nasty germs hiding on your toothbrush:

Yes, the virus that causes you to get sick. If you have a cold or are coughing you need to either dump your brush when you are better or soak it in Milton tablets to ensure it is germ free.

Faecal matter
That’s poo to you and me. This is because when you flush the toilet, water droplets are injected into the surrounding area often landing on your toothbrush.

E. Coli
The germ associated with causing you to vomit and have diarrhoea can be found there. Gross.

Yes, blood – mainly caused by bleeding gums. If this is you, not only should you probably make an appointment with the dentist but you might want to clean your brush.

Well you are brushing the food out of your mouth so this one is not really surprising. Gross, but not shocking.

Bet you’ll think twice now about hanging on to your brush for longer than four months.