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There's never a quiet moment in the White House, and today proves no different. 

US President Donald Trump referenced HBO fantasy hit Game of Thrones to back up his border wall plans, and BOY did it fail.

He essentially brought his parody poster, which was an image of himself (of course) with the phrase 'sanctions are coming' scrawled across it in classic GOT style. 

The sanctions are in reference to his notorious border wall proposal, which he wants to block off access from Mexico and various South American countries to the States. 

The wall is set to cost over $25 BILLION if it's given the green light, and will also stop hundreds of people from living in Native American tribes from living there, as well as having disastrous consequences for wildlife.

SPOILER: We're pretty sure he hasn't watched the latest series of GOT, because the famous wall which blocks the North from the South is destroyed by the Night King in the finale of season seven.

Basically, the wall didn't work. Which makes Trump's use of GOT references even dumber…if that was even possible.

Cabinet employees tweeted that they had no idea why the poster was brought to the meeting.

Trump is most likely the first President to use memes in serious occasions such as discussions regarding immigration and North Korea.

HBO most likely aren't suing the President, but they made their distaste very clear:

Honestly, we have no words.

Winter better be coming for Trump, we don't know what other season could handle his ridiculousness. 


When you're a kid, there's nothing better than going out to trick or treat with your parents – but these children were very lucky because they went trick or treating on the front garden of the White House. 

Barack and Michelle Obama welcomed the children of military families to come to the White House for a festive afternoon, but we don't think Barack was expecting such genius costumes. 

Obama absolutely cracked up when the world's smallest Pope landed on his doorstep, along with his clever dad. #ParentGoals.

He loved the costume so much he brought Michelle over to see it too.

The Obamas also welcomed a flurry of witches and princesses alike on the day, as well as an American Cub player. 




President Obama was in the middle of giving a speech honouring LGBTQ Pride Month when he was heckled by a member of the crowd.

The US President tried to ask the heckler to stop interrupting him and when the person wouldn’t listen Obama pointed out, “you’re in my house,” which prompted a big cheer from the crowd.

The audience was clearly on Obama’s side throughout the altercation as they booed the heckler and began a chant, shouting “O-bam-a.”

The President even declared that, “As a general rule I am just fine with a few hecklers… But not when I’m up in the house,” which again warranted a huge laugh from the crowd and a slap on the back from Vice President, Joe Biden.

Following the incident, an immigration group claimed that the protestor was an undocumented transgender who advocates for LGBTQ immigrants. The group says that LGBTQ immigrants are often excluded from the immigration debate.

While Obama has received his fair share of hecklers in his time, it is a rare occurrence in the White House. As he said, if the guests are “eating the hors d’oeuvres and drinking the booze,” they are usually expected to be respectful and listen. 



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