Gemma Collins is making an emotional return to TOWIE

Gemma Collins fans can dry their eyes because the TOWIE star is coming back!

The star just recently quit the reality show when the cast was filming in Marbella. 34-year old Gemma is going to be reappearing in the latest episodes of the series but she’s making some big changes.

Seeking to start a new chapter in her life, Gemma is killing off another cast member! No, she’s not actually going to commit a crime, rather, Gemma wants to get rid of her troublesome alter ego ‘GC’.

The Queen Bea of Essex is determined to put the past behind her and change her ways for good. Gemma is calling on her closest friends to reveal their true feelings about her.

The outspoken Ferne McCann is said to be delivering some brutally honest truths about the star and what the nick-name ‘GC’ really stands for.

“Rude, brash and demanding,” are what ‘GC’ is known as apparently.

The star is making a big comeback after there were reports that she was kicked off the show after throwing a tantrum over filming in Marbella. Reportedly Gemma threw a ‘hissy fit’ while filming the special edition of the show and had an argument with her fellow cast member Vas Morgan.

Taking to Instagram Gemma had made a post that said she was looking forward to her future controlling how she was going to be portrayed. The post has since been removed from the TV star’s account.

Reps for the star denied a suspension from TOWIE instead saying that she was “taking some time out due to personal commitments.”

Earlier this year it was reported Gemma had landed a reality show of her own. After four years on TOWIE she was said to be hosting a show on which she would be providing fashion advice for plus-sized women.