The Fall is probably one of the best TV dramas to air on RTÉ in a looong time.

Between both fancying and hating a serial killer (we go through many motions when watching the show) to seeing what Stella will get up to next (she's not the most conventional detective), the show totally has us in a spin from start to finish.

But one thing we've always wondered from the get-go, was if there's any sexual chemistry between Paul Spector and Stella Gibson… she is kinda obsessed with him after all.

Gillian Anderson, who plays Detective Gibson explained it all for us on This Morning.

"Stella is a very sexual being. She is absolutely distracted and fascinated by him.

"She has spent so much time getting into the mind of a sexual predator. By immersing herself she has gone into some dark places.

"There's tension there… I won't call it sexual but tension is there."

We can't wait for the next episode!