So, The Fall made its return last night, and Twitter is DIVIDED

After a hiatus that felt like a lifetime, The Fall made its highly-anticipated return to our TV screens last night.

Picking up where it left off in season 2, viewers met Stella Gibson and Paul Spector in the aftermath of a shoot-out which saw law enforcement struggle with the prospect that the Belfast Strangler might not survive to see the inside of a courtroom.

And with viewers only dying to get stuck back into the cat and mouse game which played out between Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson's characters, it seems many were left disappointed by the slow and steady pace of the season's first episode.




OK, so the first episode of the show definitely involved more medical jargon and organ removal than most of us expected, but it looks like Stella's speech on the difference between submission and consent was enough to reel the viewers back in.

Applauding scriptwriters for their succinct summation, Twitter was awash with praise as credits on the first episode began to roll.