‘It’s a real comfort’: Jamie Dornan just LOVES playing a serial killer

With many of us in a state of inner turmoil over the fact we fancy a fictional serial killer, Jamie Dornan has put our minds at ease by admitting he would happily play the psychopath for the rest of his life.

Opening up about his life and career during a recent interview with Marie Claire, the Irish actor admitted that his role in The Fall is where he finds the most contentment.

"It’s a real comfort to come back and do that show, and you know, I’m very grateful for it because it’s changed my professional life," he said of the hit BBC thriller.

While acknowledging that the role of Paul Spector is not for the fainthearted, it sounds like Jamie would happily forego countless others parts in order to see Spector's story through to the end.

"I’m playing such a horrific character, but I would play him for the rest of my life if I could," he admitted.

Given the show's incredibly grim subject matter, the 34-year-old actor acknowledged the role his young family plays in allowing him to switch off after shooting.

"The kids are a great way of breaking you out of whatever," he explained. "You have no choice but to enter their world when you get home."

Yeah, we somehow fancy him even more now.