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Just when you thought the traffic problems were dying down, a cow (yes, a COW) is now loose on the M50. 

Les Kennedy kindly tweeted a picture of the cow to alert other drivers about the inconvenience on the road between Juction 17 M11 and Junction 5 Bray North. 

This comes after a morning of hectic traffic conditions which saw a major collision between a car and a truck. A woman was left fighting for her life following the crash near Juction 7 Lucan.

The woman was taken to Tallaght Hospital for treatment with police saying her condition is still critical. 

Then, just three hours later there was another collision between two cars on J6 Blanchardstown, which means commuters faced further delays. 


Thieves often don all manner of strange attire in order to conceal their true identity.

And in Belfast this morning, one female armed robber opted for a "distinctive cow-print onesie," as she held up a man in Belfast city centre. 

Police said the woman, who carried a gun, stole cash from her 20-year-old victim on Great Victoria Street at 3am today.

She travelled in a blue Volkswagen Golf and was accompanied by two men at the time. The gang subsequently escaped with a sum of cash in the same vehicle.

The PSNI have now said that they are asking "anyone with any information about this incident to contact detectives".

First rats, now cows, what will Belfast city centre be victim to next?



Thalia Heffernan, who has been linked with One Direction’s Niall Horan, has spoken out about the level of bitchiness within the modelling industry.

The Dublin blonde said that other models aren’t all that nice: “It’s not the most friendly environment. The models don’t really care for you that much. A lot of them just regard you as competition, especially if you’re in any way similar.

“The blonde girl might not even speak to me, or the girl with the same skin tone, or the same height.

“I’m very friendly, maybe a bit too much sometimes, and they don’t know how to react when I bound into a room and they are intimidated by me for the wrong reasons.”

Thalia says she tried to tone down her bubbly nature to fit in: “I tried being a cow, too, but it was too hard.”

Oh well, there goes that idea! Since being a cow didn’t work out, Thalia has decided to just focus on the positive: “People will say how lucky I am, or that they idolise me, or that they admire me, which is nice, and I have to focus on that and not the person who says a negative that pulls me down.

“It’s a battle, but it’s a battle that comes with the job description. I’m happy with my choice, but it has chosen me, too. I haven’t denied it, and it’s incredible, it really is.”