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A 13-year-old girl was robbed on the Luas Green Line last week.

According to The Journal, the teenager was on her way home fom Dundrum after a day out with her friends.

While on the tram, she was approached by a man and a woman who verbally abused her, before threatening to stab her.

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The woman pulled out a flick knife on the young girl before stealing her phone.

Gardaí have described the duo as a male in his 20s with short brown hair, wearing a grey and navy tracksuit and runners.

The woman is also in her 20s, with long black hair and wore a black skirt and black boots at the time.

The girl was understandably shaken after the incident and Gardaí are currently investigating the attack.



Just months after her sister Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point in Paris, it has been reported that Kendall Jenner was targeted by jewellery thieves in her home.

According to TMZ, the robbers entered her house in broad daylight, however there was no sign of forced entry.


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When the supermodel arrived home, she realised items were missing and reported that €187,000 worth of diamonds were stolen from her room.

In the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim will speak about the Paris robbery, and we'll see an insight into the aftermath of the ordeal.

It hasn't been an easy few months for the family.



Scott Disick's LA mansion has been broken into while the reality star has been partying away in Cannes.

TMZ reports that a significant amount of money was stolen from his home, as well as jewellery and watches worth a sizable sum.

One of the watches reportedly cost $48,000 (€43,000), and a Rolex Yacht-Master II which is valued at $32,000 (€29,000) was taken as well.

While it is not yet known how much was robbed in total, law enforcement sources say it was "a significant amount of money."

However, the police source also claims that the thief was someone close to Scott as there were no signs of forced into his Hidden Hills home.


This morning when Thalia Heffernan walked the catwalk for the Brown Thomas’ Autumn/Winter ’15 collection, no one could tell that she has suffered a violent attack just hours earlier.

The stunning 20-year-old took to Facebook to write an emotional message calling out her attackers and describing the stress that she is understandably still feeling from the incident.

“To the horrible girl who hit me in the face and robbed my bag this morning,” the post began. “To the guy who helped her, and to their thieving little friends for watching.”

Ms Heffernan explained how the group of teenagers hit her repeatedly in the face and shoved her in an attempt to take her handbag.

“What’s worse is that there was nothing I could do to even attempt to defend myself, despite screaming and crying after them,” Thalia revealed.

The Irish beauty, who is a known athletics fiend, felt helpless as the gang of youths attacked her.


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She has released a further update, saying that the Gardai are investigating the incident and that she is assisting them in every way possible. She explained how “The most important thing now… is getting these kids off the streets so parents, brothers and sisters don’t have to worry about their loved ones being harassed, robbed or worse.”

Thalia also revealed that the police have since found her handbag in the Cuffe Street flats in Dublin City Centre but that it was emptied of all her belongings.

Ms Heffernan ended her post saying that she hopes she can assist the Gardai in catching the culprits and holding them responsible for what they have done to her and, no doubt, countless of others.