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Tayto Park has announced two special awareness days for Irish Guide Dogs for the blind, which will take place on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 of August.

Tayto Park is Ireland's only theme park and zoo, and is a proud supporter and charity partner of Assistance Dogs in association with Irish Guide Dogs. 

The park has donated €5,000 to the charity, and has also put together an array of activities to support and raise funds for the brilliant organisation.


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The Irish Guide Dogs staff and Tayto Park volunteers will encourage visitors across the two days to experience the Sensory Tunnel, which offers users the sensory chance to experience what it's like to be vision impaired.

Guests will be invited to walk through the tunnel blindfolded with street noises and loud traffic blared over the speakers around them. Surfaces like brick walls, a wooden fence, netting, grass and fur allows users to feel their way through the five-metre-long structure.

Floor panels with bumps similar to the tactile pavement used to guide vision impaired people on the streets are included in the structure.


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Irish Guide Dogs staff will be on hand to provide information to visitors about how the charity can be supported, and Tayto Park will have bucket collections raising funds for them.

Speaking on the partnership Chairman of the Irish Guide Dogs Board, Patrick Burke said,

“Support such as this is fundamental to our ability to reach and help families of children with autism and those with visual impairment achieve independence and mobility."


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85 percent of our income comes from fundraising and donations from the public and our partnerships with our corporate supporters means we can provide a future for a family of a child with autism or person with visual impairment achieve independence”.

Tayto Park are proud charity partners of Assistance Dogs in association with Irish Guide Dogs, ALONE, supporting older people to age at home and JIGSAW, supporting young people’s health in mind.

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Ladies, if you’re hoping to celebrate Halloween in style this year, look no further than Ireland’s favourite theme park and zoo – Tayto Park.

The Co. Meath attraction is excited to announce two brand new attractions for Halloween – Morbid Manor for teens and adults and Ghost Hunters for the kids.

And we are buzzing.

If you're on the tamer side you may want to stick with the young'ins, who will be immersing themselves in Ghost Hunters, which is an interactive children’s adventure where guests will become ghost hunters and can enter an old abandoned manor to discover the strange happenings inside.

And when the sun goes down? Well. that's when the freaks come out to play.

Dark comes over Tayto Park and an eerie atmosphere comes over the carnival rides. Guests should beware of the creeps, ghouls and clowns roaming outside in Tayto Park after night fall.

By night, the spooky abandoned mansion is transformed into Morbid Manor, the ultimate immersive horror experience with 13 actors in full costume.

Willing guests will pass through various rooms and secret passageways and meet the inhabitants of the haunted manor, both dead and alive.

Guests can then catch a night ride on The Cú Chulainn Coaster, Air Racer, Rotator, Windstar & Endeavour before experiencing the terrifying 5D horror movie, Fun House Express.

For more information, you can find all the details here!



We love a good day out in Tayto Park, and it's looking like it could get much better.

Because imagine after a day of screaming on rollercoasters and munching at The Twisted Chip, you can just sit back and relax in a spa instead of having to drive home?!

Tayto Park has applied for planning permission to build a seven story hotel on it grounds, and it looks super slick.

A computer generated image of the planned 7 story hotel in Tayto Park.

According to a statement, the proposed hotel will have 250 bedrooms which can cater up to 1,000 guests.

As well as that, it will feature a spa, meeting rooms and a function room for parties and special occassions.

Keeping in with the park's theme, the hotel would have a wooden exterior and hold views of the Cú Cúliann Coaster .

The development of the hotel would provide 150 jobs to the area during the construction phase, and 272 full and part-time jobs once building is completed.



Since its beginning back in 2010, it's safe to say that Tayto Park has been our answer to a theme park in Ireland.

With an actual rollercoaster (yes, we finally have one!), to a deadly little zoo, we have great craic every time we head down to Meath to check it out.

Here, we count down the top 7 things you know that will happen when you go to Tayto Park for the day:

7. Getting lost when trying to find the Tayto factory

One of the best attractions at Tayto Park is getting to see the crisps actually being made.

And it'll feel like you're following the yellow brick road when trying to find the factory… but seeing our fave snacks in production is pretty cool.

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6. The Twisted Chip

When you first walk into Tayto Park you see everyone walking around with one of these twisted Tayto crisps.

This turns into a quest to find the Twisted Chip restaurant… and it doesn't disappoint. YUM.


5. Cú Chulainn Coaster

Being Europe’s largest wooden rollercoaster with an inversion, everyone flocks to this the moment they arrive in the park.

That turns into riding it multiple times throughout the day, and it gets better each and every time.


4. The 5D cinema

You don't realise how good this is until you're actually sitting in the cinema.

And with water splashing, wind blowing and your seat moving, it's totally not what you would expect.

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3. The zipline

This is certainly one for all ages, but not for the faint-hearted!

Once you're up the top of the climbing wall, you can see the whole of Tayto Park, and then the rush of the zipline ride will blow you away.

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2. The Lodge restaurant

After seeing all of the animals and going on all of the attractions, it's fair to say you're just dying for a feed.

And The Lodge gives you a cavery meal option, as well as loads of healthy snacks – what more could you want?

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Right beside the Twisted Chip hut is where the meerkats live and they're possibly the coolest animals ever.

Sit back, enjoy a twisted chip, and watch the meerkats at the end of an action-packed day. Perfection.

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If there’s one thing we love more than an actual packet of Tayto, it’s a trip to Tayto Park.

Under the guise of doting older relative, we've treated multiple family members to days at the park over the years, and we don't intend to stop any time soon.

And thankfully, we won't have to as the nation’s favourite theme park will be throwing its doors wide open again at the end of this week.

Getting bigger and better with every passing season, the folk behind the Ashbourne attraction have pulled an absolute blinder this season.

In addition to a host of events which will delight younger members of the family, the park offers rock climbing and sky walking which will obviously pique the interest of adrenaline junkies all over Ireland.

But if rides aren’t your thing, why not check out the park’s zoo which boasts a variety of animals, including big-cats, meerkats, monkeys, fossa and birds of prey?

Ladies, it looks like we have April sorted.


Let's be honest, when we were kids, we always wanted a rollercoaster in Ireland.

We used to have to travel to the UK or Spain to get some coaster thrills, so it's safe to say we were only delighted when the Cú Chulainn Coaster opened in Tayto Park last year.

Saturday, June 4 sees the big 1st birthday for Chulainn and to celebrate it, Tayto Park has only gone and opened a NEW ride.

The brand spanking new attraction, aptly named The Endeavor, is the first of it's kind in Europe and only the second of it's kind in the whole world. Lordy.

It will propel riders 25 metres up into the air at speeds of 60km/h – not something for the faint-hearted!

Also, Tayto Park are being extra sound on June 4, and if it's your birthday on that Saturday, then you will gain free entry into the park if you have ID on you. Deadly.

Lads, we can't wait. See you there?



There’s still some time before any major music festivals kick off and we’re WEEKS away from our summer holidays, but instead of dropping to our knees and howling in desperation, we got busy trying to figure out how to make the most of our upcoming weekends.

And as a right old savvy bunch here at SHEmazing! HQ, we decided to check out what Tayto Park has to offer in the coming days, and lads we are PUMPED.

Kicking off this Saturday and running until June 4th, the good folk behind Tayto Park are encouraging us to get to grips with nature and relive our childhood as part of their Love Your Zoo campaign.

And with a whole host of incredible activities including Animal Stampedes, Owl Encounters and Dinosaurs Alive, we definitely aren't missing out on this one!

Oh, and if you plan to treat the younger members of the family to a day out, they’ll go free as long as they’re dressed as their favourite animal. Not too shabby, right?!

Find out more here!



We didn't quite know what to make of Tayto Park when it first opened its doors back in 2010, but it's since grown to be a pretty exciting attraction.

What started as a small Tayto-themed adventure park in Ashbourne, Co Meath has grown into an expansive theme park housing Europe's largest wooden rollercoaster, The Cú Chullainn, a massive 30m high construction, which had its 'maiden voyage' last summer.

Now Tayto Park is back for 2016 – it re-opens this Friday March 18 – and it has a whole host of new attractions that have us thinking we're going to need to find an excuse to get out to Ashbourne very soon indeed. Though we may need to kidnap our nieces and nephews for the day first,

First up is the park's new Ferris Wheel, plus a "vintage style" carousel and the Rockin' Tug; a boat ride allowing you to "experience the motions of being in the deep blue sea from the very different surroundings of Ashbourne, Co. Meath." Nice.

That's in addition to Tayto Park's current Adventure Zone which features a climbing wall, zip-lining area, the eye-wateringly high Sky Walk bridge, and the stomach-churning rotator and air race rides.

The park's animatronic Dinosaurs Alive experience is also expanding to include Ice Valley, including life-size Ice Age mammals like mammoths, cave bears, saber-toothed cats and giant Irish deer.

If you're heading to Tayto Park on Easter Sunday, kids can sign up for the annual Easter Scavenger Hunt, and Mr. Tayto will be making his usual appearances each day.

More information on opening times and ticket prices can be found on the Tayto Park website here.