We didn't quite know what to make of Tayto Park when it first opened its doors back in 2010, but it's since grown to be a pretty exciting attraction.

What started as a small Tayto-themed adventure park in Ashbourne, Co Meath has grown into an expansive theme park housing Europe's largest wooden rollercoaster, The Cú Chullainn, a massive 30m high construction, which had its 'maiden voyage' last summer.

Now Tayto Park is back for 2016 – it re-opens this Friday March 18 – and it has a whole host of new attractions that have us thinking we're going to need to find an excuse to get out to Ashbourne very soon indeed. Though we may need to kidnap our nieces and nephews for the day first,

First up is the park's new Ferris Wheel, plus a "vintage style" carousel and the Rockin' Tug; a boat ride allowing you to "experience the motions of being in the deep blue sea from the very different surroundings of Ashbourne, Co. Meath." Nice.

That's in addition to Tayto Park's current Adventure Zone which features a climbing wall, zip-lining area, the eye-wateringly high Sky Walk bridge, and the stomach-churning rotator and air race rides.

The park's animatronic Dinosaurs Alive experience is also expanding to include Ice Valley, including life-size Ice Age mammals like mammoths, cave bears, saber-toothed cats and giant Irish deer.

If you're heading to Tayto Park on Easter Sunday, kids can sign up for the annual Easter Scavenger Hunt, and Mr. Tayto will be making his usual appearances each day.

More information on opening times and ticket prices can be found on the Tayto Park website here.