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In a move which he hopes will inspire others,  Black Eyed Peas member Taboo has revealed that he underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

In an interview with People magazine, the 41-year-old rapper explained that he was dealt the devastating blow when he admitted himself to hospital with what he assumed was a bout of flu.

Unfortunately for the popular star, doctors diagnosed Taboo with stage 2 testicular cancer – a diagnosis which required an aggressive form of chemotherapy.

"It all started with a pain in my back and abdomen," he  said "The very next day I went into surgery to have the 'mother ship' removed. But my fight had just begun."

Stunned by his band mate's diagnosis, will.i.am did his utmost to support Taboo, with the latter explaining: "Will.i.am instantly reached out to a great doctor who helped me figure out a treatment plan. I was racing against the clock."

While Taboo explained that there were times when he wanted to give up, he sought inspiration from individuals who had gone through the same experience and focussed his attention on music.

"I began channelling my energy into the thing that keeps me alive and spirited: music. I wanted to share my story and inspire others like those who had inspired me."

Two years after his journey began, Taboo has confirmed he is officially cancer-free and has used his experience to to help others.

"By the grace of God I'm alive and along with my partner @americancancersociety we are gonna help millions of people going thru the same fight I went thru," he tweeted.



Well, he's certainly not shy.

We know Tom Hardy isn't afraid to flash the flesh – if you've seen his movie Bronson you'd know what were talking about – but we didn't expect him to be this full-on naked either. There's not even a little cloth covering his very-open man parts.

The actor was on set, filming a mini-series, Taboo in Essex last week when the shots were snapped.

The 38-year-old also had to do a spot of skinny-dipping for the role, which we're sure wasn't the most pleasant considering the cold weather.

He didn't even seem to mind being naked in front of a whole crew either as he was seen laughing and joking despite the chilly temperatures.

Fair play, Tom, we don't think we'd have the balls to do it.



You’ve made it through the ceremony without a hitch.

Your dress, which took you months to source, has been inundated with compliments and showered with admiration.

And every so often, you can’t help but glance with pride at your new husband.

In short, your Big Day is going swimmingly – you’re overjoyed.

Until, that is, one of your guests marches up towards the top table, gets down on one knee mere metres from where you and the groom are seated, and proposes to his already squealing girlfriend.

A few gathered invitees whip out their phones to capture the moment, and a few more break into awkward applause.

You’re simmering with fury, but all you can do is grin and bear; smiling through the intense anger.

This scenario may seem implausible – but for one seemingly unsuspecting bride and groom, this is an incident they were recently forced to endure on their own wedding day.

The moment has since been shared on Reddit, garnering some 3.7m viewers and more than 1,500 comments.

And understandably, the online reaction has largely sided with the newlyweds.

"This is up there with my uncle giving my cousins a puppy at my birthday party," remarked one user. "That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," another uttered sympathetically.

"That is the f***ing definition of 'stealing my thunder' right there," someone else stated. "Her smiles says 'congratulations', her eyes say 'that b***h'," one user wrote.

A minority, however, failed to see the issue: "Why is this a problem?" one asked. "It's supposed to be a happy night and this would make the bride happy if she was her sister etc."

It is believed that the event took place at a recent wedding in the US, though the bride and groom remain unidentified.

The newly-engaged couple have also yet to declare themselves publicly.