If you want to see Tom Hardy fully NAKED… Now is your chance

Well, he's certainly not shy.

We know Tom Hardy isn't afraid to flash the flesh – if you've seen his movie Bronson you'd know what were talking about – but we didn't expect him to be this full-on naked either. There's not even a little cloth covering his very-open man parts.

The actor was on set, filming a mini-series, Taboo in Essex last week when the shots were snapped.

The 38-year-old also had to do a spot of skinny-dipping for the role, which we're sure wasn't the most pleasant considering the cold weather.

He didn't even seem to mind being naked in front of a whole crew either as he was seen laughing and joking despite the chilly temperatures.

Fair play, Tom, we don't think we'd have the balls to do it.