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Cara Delevingne’s next acting role is not for the faint hearted. She will be starring in The Face Of An Angel alongside Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Bruhl in the film which is based on the murder of Meredith Kercher back in 2007.

Meredith’s killer Amanda Knox, who has been re-convicted of the killing, is threatening to sue the BBC as the case is still ongoing and according to her lawyer, the film could be “damaging to her image” if it is draws direct comparisons to what actually happened. Knox’s lawyer Luciano Ghirga says that if this does happen, legal action may be taken:

“There have already been at least two films and 12 books about the case. If the film is based even loosely on the murder in Perugia and if it is damaging to Amanda's image, we will be asking for damages, as we have done in other cases.”

However, the film is going ahead, and Cara (who plays a fun loving student called Melanie) says that “It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I learnt so much just because I found out a lot about myself.

“I found out that I could act, that I could do it confidently and not be nervous and die because usually I think I’m going to die doing things that scare me! I went in so terrified and nervous but I got so much good advice from Michael and Daniel. We just made a family.”

We definitely can’t wait to see Cara in action – but could her acting success mean her modelling days could be coming to an end?! We hope not!



Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian (or Jenner!) sister scorned!

Kendall Jenner was forced to defend herself recently after she was accused of throwing money in a waitress’ face.

The story came about when waitress, Blaine Morris, accused the young KUWTK star and fellow model, Hailey Baldwin, of leaving a restaurant without paying their bill. When Blaine followed Kendall for the bill, she says the model threw money in her face.

Needless to say, Kendall is completely incensed by the story, and has taken to her Twitter account to voice her opinion, saying: “these rumours r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in anyone’s face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that.”

However, the star didn’t stop there and went on to write: “said it once and I’ll say it again, don’t believe everything you read.”

TMZ have now reported that Kendall is considering suing the model over the exaggerated story.

We know it may sound crazy, but we believe Kendall – she’s always seemed so genuine and so not the type of person to behave like that. 


Bodyguard allegedly beats photographer up and locks him in subway toilet!



Not only does Friends star Lisa Kudrow have to deal with handing over $1.6million in residuals, she also has to see her former manager splash his victory all over social media.

Scott Howard, Lisa’s ex-manager began proceedings against the actress in 2008 and today a Santa Monica court acted in his favour and awarded him $1.6million.

Scott claimed that he had an oral agreement with Lisa that he would earn a percentage of her earnings.

Despite already paying him $11million she was ordered to give him more as the cast of Friends were reported to be earning up to $1million per episode towards the end of the series.

Scott posted a photo of himself and his children on social media today with a cake that read “Congrats Dad!”