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While we enjoy sandals and summer fashion as much as the next girl, there is something about winter boots that we kind of love.

To be fair, kicking around piles of crunchy leaves doesn't have quite the same appeal if you're going to end up with soggy foliage stuck between your toes. 

This is why we get very excited when seriously stylish winter boots appear in the shops. We don't love the possibility of blisters or sore ankles however. To avoid any unnecessary aches we put together some clever footwear hacks to keep your toes comfy.

Deodorant FTW:

That Achilles' heel gash is not pretty. To prevent your shoes from digging into your skin, take a stick of clear deodorant and rub over any problem areas. The deodorant provides a barrier between you and the shoe.

Time for tea:

And if, despite your best efforts, you still find yourself home with painful blister-covered feet, rest assured, there is a cure: Fill a pot with cooled green tea and soak your swollen feet. Its anti-inflammatory properties will work wonders on tender areas that are achy and inflamed.

Sand your shoes:

Those new Mary Janes are adorable, but sliding down a flight of stairs is…not. Grab a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and gently scuff up the bottoms before wearing them in public.

Invest in insoles:

Sometimes even flat boots can hurt us.  A pair of slim cushions won’t take up room but will work wonders on that stiff pair of flats or heels.

Heel caps:

For the times when you just can’t make it to the cobbler, this genius invention is all you really need. Pop a cap on the end of worn-down heels and no more rolled ankles, or embarrassing stumbles.

Tape your toes:

Tape your third and fourth toes together with medical tape. There’s a nerve located directly between these two toes and wrapping them helps minimize any strain. Extreme, but if you're set on wearing your favourite new shoes despite the agony they cause, maybe you will give it a go.



For many fashionistas out there, nothing makes them happier than having a wardrobe full of their fashion designs.

One thing that can make them very unhappy though: the small fortune they part with to afford amazing outfits.

If you ever wanted to make your best outfits last longer, and save yourself some cash, then consider some of these tips next time you’re considering spending money you need for other things. Things like food, or light and heat.

Close your zippers before you wash your clothes.

It helps prevent them from pulling at fabrics of other clothes.

Add a little salt.

It can help keep colours from fading in the wash, read more about this trick here.

You can waterproof almost any shoe.

Find out how here.

Spray your new tights with hairspray to avoid getting ladders.

Don’t use fabric softener when you’re washing your gym clothes.

It will coat fibres and make them less effective.

Help your clothes to keep their colour longer by washing them inside out.

Especially jeans



We’ve all been there. You step out of the house looking downright perfect but through a horrific combination of wind, rain and sheer bad luck you arrive to your destination looking like the Bride of Frankenstein.

We can’t solve every problem, but when it comes to quick fixes for fashion emergencies, we do have a few tricks to share. Here are a few of our go-to hacks for those unexpected sartorial issues…

1. Your hem is unravelling
A few unruly threads or a loose piece of fabric can make an otherwise sleek outfit look messy and dishevelled. If you don’t have time to whip out a needle and thread at work (who does?), simply tape the hem on the inside with double-sided tape or a few strips of regular Sellotape.

2. You smudged make-up on your clothes
Before you start mourning the loss of your perfect white top, get to work on the offending area with a baby wipe. These little magic sheets are a great quick fix on stubborn make-up stains!

3. You have a ladder in your tights
If the run is small enough to be hidden under your dress or shoe, you’re in luck – a quick dab of clear nail polish on either end of the ladder or a spritz of hairspray all over will stop it getting longer.

4. Your dog kindly donated some of his hairs to your coat
If you don’t have a lint roller handy to get rid of pesky dog or cat shedding, wind some sticky tape around your fingers and press the tape onto the garment to remove hairs instantly without damaging the fabric.

5. Your bra straps are on show
Faded grey-white bra straps aren’t the best look when peeking out from your new dress or top. Rein them in by pulling the straps together in a racerback style and securing with a safety pin or a couple of paper clips. Easy!

6. Static is ruining the look of your flowing dress/skirt
That lovely silk dress looked amazing on in the shop but now that you’re finally wearing it outside, the flowing skirt is sticking to your legs and stomach in a VERY attractive manner. Reduce the static that causes loose silk fabrics to cling by spraying the inside of the skirt and your tights with hairspray.



We’d all love to have the wardrobe choices of Victoria Beckham or Beyoncé, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta make do. Don’t fret though, there are so many simple ways to make your outfit stand out from the crowd without having to pay extra. We’ve hunted out the best style hacks to have you looking like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk (even if you’ve just stepped out of Penney’s)…

1. Make a statement
A simple outfit can be taken to the next level with the strategic addition of jewellery. Try a blinging necklace, earrings or bracelet to make your outfit sing, whether you’re wearing a basic shift dress or a plain white t-shirt.

2. Don’t be afraid to have your clothes altered
High street clothes manufacturers make their clothes to fit a large range of shapes, regardless of size. So if the sleeves on your new blazer are too long, or the waistband on your jeans is loose at the back – take them to a dressmaker’s and have them tweaked. Properly tailored clothes always look classy.

3. Store your clothes properly
Don’t just throw your clothes on the floor every evening – take the time to hang them up. That goes for coats, jumpers and cardigans too. Try to avoid wire hangers where possible – wool is delicate and the shape can easily be ruined by the wrong shape of hanger. You can buy multi-packs of padded or wide plastic hangers very cheaply and it makes all the difference!

4. Splurge on one key piece
Whether it’s a winter coat or a leather handbag, one expensive-looking piece can make all the difference to a basic outfit. You don’t need to go all out – high-street stores like Topshop and River Island have some gorgeous classic coats and bags that won’t break the bank… so you can look like an Olsen twin without the hefty price tag!

5. Give your shoes a new lease of life
It’s inevitable that boots and high heels will get wear and tear over time. Most shoemakers offer re-heeling and re-soleing services for a low price. You’ll easily get another six months out of those stilettos with some extra TLC! Stains on suede and leather shoes can also usually be removed with some gentle care, and the right shoe cabinet will make sure that you’re not dealing with any unnecessary daily damage.

6. Actually LOOK at washing instructions!
If the tag on your favourite top mentions hand washing, don’t just bang it in on the hot wash with everything else. Following washing instructions means your clothes will hold their shape for far longer. When it comes to dry-clean-only items, if you really don’t want to hand over the cash, try washing the piece inside a pillow case on a cool wash. You won’t get it back all freshly-pressed but it still does the job nicely!