Six on-the-go style hacks for fashion emergencies

We’ve all been there. You step out of the house looking downright perfect but through a horrific combination of wind, rain and sheer bad luck you arrive to your destination looking like the Bride of Frankenstein.

We can’t solve every problem, but when it comes to quick fixes for fashion emergencies, we do have a few tricks to share. Here are a few of our go-to hacks for those unexpected sartorial issues…

1. Your hem is unravelling
A few unruly threads or a loose piece of fabric can make an otherwise sleek outfit look messy and dishevelled. If you don’t have time to whip out a needle and thread at work (who does?), simply tape the hem on the inside with double-sided tape or a few strips of regular Sellotape.

2. You smudged make-up on your clothes
Before you start mourning the loss of your perfect white top, get to work on the offending area with a baby wipe. These little magic sheets are a great quick fix on stubborn make-up stains!

3. You have a ladder in your tights
If the run is small enough to be hidden under your dress or shoe, you’re in luck – a quick dab of clear nail polish on either end of the ladder or a spritz of hairspray all over will stop it getting longer.

4. Your dog kindly donated some of his hairs to your coat
If you don’t have a lint roller handy to get rid of pesky dog or cat shedding, wind some sticky tape around your fingers and press the tape onto the garment to remove hairs instantly without damaging the fabric.

5. Your bra straps are on show
Faded grey-white bra straps aren’t the best look when peeking out from your new dress or top. Rein them in by pulling the straps together in a racerback style and securing with a safety pin or a couple of paper clips. Easy!

6. Static is ruining the look of your flowing dress/skirt
That lovely silk dress looked amazing on in the shop but now that you’re finally wearing it outside, the flowing skirt is sticking to your legs and stomach in a VERY attractive manner. Reduce the static that causes loose silk fabrics to cling by spraying the inside of the skirt and your tights with hairspray.