Bring on the boots! This is how to avoid sore feet in the chilly season

While we enjoy sandals and summer fashion as much as the next girl, there is something about winter boots that we kind of love.

To be fair, kicking around piles of crunchy leaves doesn't have quite the same appeal if you're going to end up with soggy foliage stuck between your toes. 

This is why we get very excited when seriously stylish winter boots appear in the shops. We don't love the possibility of blisters or sore ankles however. To avoid any unnecessary aches we put together some clever footwear hacks to keep your toes comfy.

Deodorant FTW:

That Achilles' heel gash is not pretty. To prevent your shoes from digging into your skin, take a stick of clear deodorant and rub over any problem areas. The deodorant provides a barrier between you and the shoe.

Time for tea:

And if, despite your best efforts, you still find yourself home with painful blister-covered feet, rest assured, there is a cure: Fill a pot with cooled green tea and soak your swollen feet. Its anti-inflammatory properties will work wonders on tender areas that are achy and inflamed.

Sand your shoes:

Those new Mary Janes are adorable, but sliding down a flight of stairs is…not. Grab a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and gently scuff up the bottoms before wearing them in public.

Invest in insoles:

Sometimes even flat boots can hurt us.  A pair of slim cushions won’t take up room but will work wonders on that stiff pair of flats or heels.

Heel caps:

For the times when you just can’t make it to the cobbler, this genius invention is all you really need. Pop a cap on the end of worn-down heels and no more rolled ankles, or embarrassing stumbles.

Tape your toes:

Tape your third and fourth toes together with medical tape. There’s a nerve located directly between these two toes and wrapping them helps minimize any strain. Extreme, but if you're set on wearing your favourite new shoes despite the agony they cause, maybe you will give it a go.