The struggles of being the punctual one in your relationship!


Women have a serious rep for constantly being fashionably late.

Apparently we have to start getting ready for a Saturday night out on a Wednesday afternoon if we’re ever going to make it to the party on time.

Our poor old boyfriend’s are left playing GTA on the couch while we painstakingly apply nail varnish to the cat’s claws while we wait for our hair masque to set, right?

If that doesn’t sound AT All familiar, it’s because you're the punctual person in your relationship and here, girls, are just SOME of the struggles you go through.

1. Your other half thought you ‘suffered from your nerves’ for the first two weeks you dated because you revealed you had turned up twenty minutes before him every single time.

Well, excuse me for caring.

2. You know you shouldn’t take his tardiness personally, but you can’t help it.

“It’s fine. I said, it’s fine!”

3. You’re always show up embarrassingly early to parties with him shuffling awkwardly behind you, because you’re so afraid of being late. All of which only makes him think you’re even more irrational.

Life is cruel.

4. You repeat the time and day you’re next due to meet up a million times while he nervously nods because he knows you’ll be texting constantly between now and then anyway.

5pm on Friday babes. Not 5.30. FIVE!

5. You feel like a sap waiting on the couch for him to turn up even though you’re warm, cosy and there’s no reason to stress.

I told him cuddle time would begin at seven dammit, seven!

We're used to being the bigger person in these situations.