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Hollywood actress Demi Moore has revealed in her new memoirs that she was raped at just 15, according to The New York Times.

The star, now aged 56, will reportedly recount horrible details regarding the sexual attack in hew new book, Inside Out.

The autobiography will span from her troubling childhood to her hugely successful film career.

Moore will also describe what life was like while married to high-profile actors Bruce Willis and Ashton Kitcher, as well as raising her three daughters.

Demi described how penning the memoirs made her feel "very vulnerable" as she shared the intimate details about her life.

The US actress explained that the cathartic process was to help her "rediscover" herself; “It’s exciting, and yet I feel very vulnerable,” she told The New York Times .


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“I had to figure out why to do this, because my own success didn’t drive me. It’s more of an awakening than a comeback."

Demi also revealed her secret heartbreak as she apparently blamed herself for suffering a miscarriage while dating Ashton Kutcher.

The Charlie's Angels actor admitted she lost a baby girl six months into her pregnancy when she was 42 back in 2005.


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Demi and Aston remained together for another six years before they separated in 2011 and divorced a year later.

The Indecent Proposal star also documented her experience of balancing her Hollywood career with raising three daughters.

Demi shares 31-year-old Rumer, 28-year-old Scout and 25-year-old Tallulah with her ex-husband Bruce (now 64).

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Rumer Willis has had a bunch of small movie and TV roles in the past but has now turned to music.

She's currently on her Over The Love tour in the US and stopped by Sway in the Morning radio show during the week.

After chatting to the hosts for a while, she began to sing, and it's safe to say nobody thought she had a voice that amazing!

She blasted out Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good and totally blew everyone away.

We think Rumer should definitely stick with music from now on.



A young man aged 21 died in her pool over the weekend.

And while the exact details surrounding the tragedy remain unknown, Demi Moore and her family were not at their Beverly Hills home at the time.

Now, the 52-year-old actress has responded with a statement.

Daughter Tallulah Willis in the family pool recently


Issued to PEOPLE, it reads: “I am in absolute shock.

"I was out of the country travelling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when I got this devastating news.

"The loss of a child is an unthinkable tragedy and my heart goes out to this young man's family and friends," she continued. "I ask that you please respect the privacy of all concerned during this sensitive time." 

TMZ first broke the story, and the Los Angeles Times now says that police have identified the deceased as LA-native Edenilson Steven Valle.

Neighbours in the upmarket area also apparently told TMZ that pool-parties have been regularly hosted at the house by Ms Moore’s three children: Rumer, 26, Scout, 24, and Tallulah, 21, whose father is the actor Bruce Willis.

The younger two sisters are believed to be in New York at the moment, while Rumer has been taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing live tour, and was seen in LAX on Friday.

Demi and her eldest daughter Rumer


Posted on Instagram earlier this month, Tallulah shared a late-night snap showing a crowded swimming filled with guests and inflatable toys.

"This picture doesn't do justice to the glory that was our pool party last night," she wrote at the time.


this picture doesn't do justice to the glory that was our pool party last night. #yungstephandorf #forPaul

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The Los Angeles Police Department told PEOPLE that the dead man had attended a small gathering of just five or six, and that they do not suspect foul play. It is believed the soiree was held by Demi's assistant. 

It seems that drowning is the cause of death, though a post-mortem is being carried out shortly to confirm this.

Friends and family report that Mr Valle did not know how to swim. He was found floating in the deep end and emergency services suspect that he had been in the water about ten to 15 minutes. 

Firefighters were dispatched to the home at 5.17am on Sunday, but the young man was sadly pronounced dead on the scene.


Celebrity kids really have it all. Born with incredible genes and boatloads of cash they get off to a pretty alright start.

While we don’t doubt there must be pressures to follow in their parents’ footsteps that us mere normal folk couldn’t begin to comprehend, we think the pros more than make up for it.

Recently, a huge amount of celebrity kids have been have been making their red carpet debuts and we can’t believe just how much they look like their parents.

Here are a list of our five favourite celebs and their gorgeous mini-me’s. 

Pink took her beautiful daughter, Willow Sage Hart, to the Inside Out premier this week. The saying 'like mother, like daughter' has never been more true!


We recently showed you the pictures of Reese Witherspoon and her stunning 15-year-old daughter, Ava. With Reese as her mother and Ryan Phillippe her father, it's no surprise that Ava has grown into such a beautiful young woman.  



Brother proof. Sort of.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have been rigid when it comes to keeping their children out of the spotlight. But, as we posted last weekend, Gwyneth put a rare photo up of her kids, Apple, 11, and Moses, nine. While their 42-year-old mum isn't giving too much away, it is amazingly clear just how much Apple resembles her blonde bombshell mother. 

Lily Rose Depp is the breathtaking daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. The 16-year-old has just made her modeling debut for Oyster magazine and is to star alongside her famous father in the upcoming flick, Yoga Hosers.  



That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad

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Rumer Willis recently opened up about how tough it was growing up with such a beautiful famous mother and how she would often compare herself to the stunning Demi. Well, it looks like the days of worrying that her mum wears smaller jeans then her are far behind – they are absolutely identical! 


It can't have been easy growing up with superstar parents, but after 26 years Rumer Willis has definitely made it work.

The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has spoken in the past about the pressure of having a celebrity pin-up as her mother, saying she often felt she didn't measure up. 

"I compared myself to her," she admitted in an interview with Us Weekly last month. "I would go, 'My mom wears smaller jeans than me! Oh, God. Maybe I'm not skinny enough.' Every girl looks up to her mother, but my mom was larger-than-life and I felt I could never be like her. I just didn't feel like we were even the same calibre."

Now though, the mum-and-daughter pair are growing more alike by the day, and Rumer is clearly loving their similarities.

Sharing a picture of herself and Demi posing in matching jumpsuits and glasses, the brunette beauty wrote, "That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad"


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Demi herself recently spoke out against the "bullying" her daughters received in the media over the years for their unconventional style and looks, saying, "No child should be subjected to that type of judgment or criticism, especially based on their looks… As a parent, all you can do is love them and keep loving them until they love themselves."

It seems like her loving parenting has paid off, as Rumer is slowly coming out of her shell.

This month the actress made a name for herself in her own field by becoming winner of Dancing With the Stars, a hit US reality show in which celebrities are teamed up with professional ballroom dancers to perform for a panel of judges.

We wonder if Demi will be next….



Rumer Willis has opened up to Us Weekly and admitted how difficult it was having famous parents when she was growing up.

Speaking about her mother, Demi Moore, Rumer said: "I compared myself to her. I would go: 'My mom wears smaller jeans than me! Oh, God. Maybe I'm not skinny enough.' Every girl looks up to her mother, but my mom was larger-than-life and I felt I could never be like her. I just didn't feel like we were even the same caliber."

She said: "Every time I went out in public and was photographed, people had something to say about how I looked. The worse things I read were that I looked like a man, or simply that I was ugly. Any time I looked good, a story would say I had plastic surgery. Because God forbid I just looked good being me!"

The 26-year-old said she tried to ignore the criticism, but it was difficult when her parents were all over the media.

"I didn't know how to ask for help. My mom would sometimes see what was happening and her advice was, 'Don't let that infect you. People are going to have opinions. You don't have to make them yours.'"

Rumer went on to say how her sisters, 21-year-old Tallulah Belle, and 23-year-old Scout LaRue, are her best friends, so this definitely must have helped her through the difficult times.



Demi Moore's daughter, Rumer Willis, has revealed how she truly felt when her mother started dating Hollywood heart-throb, Ashton Kutcher, back in 2003.

Rumer was a teenager at the time and admits that she was impressed that her mother, who was then 40, could end up with 25-year-old Ashton.

The 26-year-old said: "I was kind of impressed."

She then added: "I was like 'Yeah girl, get it.'"

However, she did also admit that: "It was weird at first," and went on to say: "The perspective switched quickly. That’s when you open up your Teen Beat, you take him down, and put somebody else up. I feel like I told my sister that at some point: 'Gotta cross him off the list!'"

Well, that's a bit awkward…

She claims he was a really great stepfather and they still remain friends after he split with Demi in 2013.

The pair got married in 2005 after two years of dating, but Ashton is now with the gorgeous That 70's Show co-star Mila Kunis. They have a baby together.

Rumer is Demi's daughter from her marriage to Bruce Willis. They divorced in 2000 after 13 years together.


Just last week, Tallulah Willis chopped off her blonde locks and debuted a cropped blue hairdo.

It seems a pixie cut wasn't enough for Demi Moore's daughter though – now she's taken things a bit further and shaved her hair off entirely.

The star shared a picture of her new look on Instagram yesterday:


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Just in case there was any doubt as to the inspiration behind the new look, Tallulah then shared a pic of her mum Demi with a similarly bare head for her role in G.I. Jane back in 1997, with the hashtag #ThankGodGoodHeadShapesRunInTheFamily.


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Like mother, like daughter!

The military style is a drastic change for Tallulah, who until recently sported a plain blonde bob. Her sister Rumer even shared a video of the big moment on her own Instagram page – and it looks like it was a DIY job!


@buuski is a bad ass bitch #GIjane #rawbeauty

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Tallulah has spoken in the past about her issues with body image and her struggle with body dysmorphia disorder. She also recently completed a six-week stint in rehab for substance abuse, but seems to be doing well since her release.

Rumer has chatted openly in recent interviews about how proud she is of her sister. "I’ve actually been so impressed and blown away by her strength and her openness and willingness,” the 26-year-old told People magazine. “Not only to move past things but also to share herself with other people. She’s doing really well."

Whatever about Rumer and Demi, we wonder what dad Bruce Willis will think of the new look!



Rumer Willis is pretty angry.

The 26-year-old actress has revealed that she is outraged over the decision to photoshop an image of her without her consent.

Rumer, the daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, was referring to images from designer Franziska Fox’s spring 2015 lookbook.

In a series of high fashion shots, Rumer appears visibly smaller in certain parts on her body – something which the actress is fuming over.

Speaking to Us Weekly, she said: “My stylist told me about it and I was like, ‘Well, that’s f***ed up.’”

She added: “Then I immediately called my manager and said, ‘You know, this is unacceptable, because that’s not what I want to put out in the world and what I want to represent anyway.’”

Good for you, Rumer.

Referring to the unrealistic beauty and body ideals fed to young people today, Rumer also said: “This idea that how you are is not okay [should] not [be] the case. You should be able to feel beautiful with no makeup on, completely naked, and feel totally stoked about how you look, and no one should be judging you for anything.”

We kind of love her.