Wow! Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter looks JUST like her

Gwyneth Paltrow's approach to parenting has, on occasion, raised eyebrows – namely when she was quoted as saying she refuses to let her children eat carbs (although she claimed last month that's not true).

But no one could argue that she and her ex-husband Chris Martin – their divorce was finalised in April – are anything but totally committed to their children, Apple, 11, and Moses, nine.

And certainly, both have done their utmost to keep their offspring out of the public eye, not least in light of their March 2014 split.  

But yesterday 42-year-old Gwynnie bucked tradition, taking to her Instagram account – a forum usually preserved for selfies and foodie shots – to share a rare family snap.

In it, Apple is wearing a motorbike helmet and carries a small white dog, while her brother Moses has a mop of blond curls and holds a grey fluffy cat.

Most striking however, is just how incredibly like her Ms Paltrow's daughter is.

Indeed, the likeness was immediately picked up on by fans.

"Thought Apple was Gwyn," said one. Another commented frankly: "Little Apple looks just like Gwyneth," while a further user reckoned: "She is your twin, @gwynethpaltrow!"


11 years ago this brilliant, kind, hilarious beauty graced our lives. Happy birthday, Apple Martin. I love you with all my heart

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Last month, to mark her daughter's 11th birthday, the Oscar-winning actress also posted a baby picture of Apple.

Gwyneth said in the caption that she loves her "with all her heart".

As well as a dog and cat, the family adopted two bunnies in April.