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We've never seen a more talented brother and sister duo than Róisín O and Danny O'Reilly.

But, we suppose with a mum like Mary Black, they have great genes in them.

The solo artist and Corona's frontman joined together – in a barber shop of all places – to perform Fleetwood Mac's The Chain.

And they sound absolutely glorious together.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.



Orla Gartland has been on the Irish music scene since 2012, making herself widely known through her YouTube channel.

Four years on, and debuting her third studio album, there's no stopping this Dublin gal.

For her first collaboration, she teamed up with Great Good Fine Ok, to bring you Shapeshifting, which she says is all about how "nothing stays the same."

Treat your ears to this, ladies:

And Orla has just been announced in the line-up for our SHEmazing! gig on July 6, which will see her performing alongside Róisín O and Hudson Taylor.

Taking place in The Sugar Club, we want the gig to raise awareness for dating abuse – an issue that affects more Irish women than anyone would like to imagine.

Tickets to next month’s gig are available here so don’t miss out on your opportunity to do your bit for the ladies in your life.



We'll be honest, we're seriously looking forward to the next few months. It's full of gigs and festivals we just can't wait to go to.

However, this year has already been jammed packed with awesome concerts and performances – and we suffered a serious amount of FOMO.

From Adele to Mackelmore, here are the top gigs we wish we went to:


The Corrs at the 3Arena



Foals at the 3Arena



Adele at the 3Arena



Mackelmore at the 3Arena



Bruce Springsteen at Croke Park


Yep, #majorfomo… Those performances were serious craic. But, you don't have to miss anymore! 

Us gals at Shemazing! are hosting a gig in Dublin's Sugar Club to raise awareness for dating abuse, with Róisín O headlining on the night – and loads more acts to be announced – it's going to kick off July with a bang. You won't want to miss out on this one.

Just keep your eyes peeled, you have no idea what we have in store *cheeky monkey emoji*. You can get your tickets here.



As we all know, trends come and go, but there's something about Irish fashion that's changing at the moment – and for the better.

With influences coming straight from the Irish music scene, we look at the style of Róisín O, Ireland's latest girl crush.

We're getting way more comfortable with ourselves, and that means with our clothing choices too, and we can thank gals like Róisín for it:

The piercings:


A photo posted by Róisín O (@roisinomusic) on

A few years ago, getting unusual piercings were a bit of a taboo (our Irish mammies wouldn't be too happy), but taking example from Róisin, they're something that have become a total norm and a style statement these days. If you like it and want it, go for it girl.


The hair:


A photo posted by Róisín O (@roisinomusic) on

Celebrities have always been changing and chopping their hair throughout the years, and it's safe to say us Irish have been a bit late to the game sometimes. But, not anymore. We relish with different looks, cuts and colours, and strive to be a bit different. Go us.


The grunge:


A photo posted by Róisín O (@roisinomusic) on

Gone are the days of the super girly girl (goodbye Paris Hilton circa 2009). Now, us Irish gals like a bit more rock'n'roll and we always grunge up our look. Whether it's adding a big statement belt, or rockin' black dress like Róisín here, we're loving it.


The glamour:


A photo posted by Róisín O (@roisinomusic) on

Saying that though, as much as we like to be comfy and original, we also LOVE to add a bit of glamour to our outfits sometimes. Whether you're heading on a night out and want to sparkle as bright as the discoball, or you simply just feel like adding some glitz to your shopping-day look, in the words of Fergie, we are G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S yeeeaaah.


The accessories:


A photo posted by Róisín O (@roisinomusic) on

If there's one thing we've conquered in fashion, it's accessories. Rocking some deadly shades, or simply adding a great bag like Róisín here, can totally change up any look and make it ten times better. We got it, girls.


To raise awareness of the issue of dating abuse and to raise funds for Women's Aid, we have decided to host a music gig in The Sugar Club on Wednesday July 6, where Róisín O will headline, and more special guests to be announced. If you'd like to support us on the night, you can get your tickets here now.



We’re all about sisterhood here at SHEmazing! HQ.

Empowering other women has always been the name of the game, and we love nothing more than having strong, confident women to take our lead from.

Whether it’s a friend, colleague or celeb, learning from another woman and allowing their approach to life and love influence yours in a positive way is one of life’s little gifts, and we’ve never been one to turn our back on a present.

One woman who has been giving us major life goals these days is our very own Róisín O, and here, ladies, are just six reasons why we absolutely love this Dubliner.

1. THOSE vocals

Talk about stating the obvious, but Christ on a bike, that girl can sing.

When you're getting goosebumps during your morning commute and revisiting your old journals for potential song lyrics, you know you have it bad for someone.

2. THIS video

The video for Give It Up is impressive in anyone's language, but when we heard the entire thing was shot in just one take, we fell all over ourselves here at SHEmazing! HQ.

Vocally stunning and visually compelling, this video gave us ALL the feels, AND reminded us exactly why this girl is in a league of her own.

3. THIS cover

If you, like us, will be forever indebted to your parents for introducing you to Fleetwood Mac, then you'll totally understand why this cover featured in our list.

Taking one of our favourite tunes and making it her own, Róisín O absolutely nailed Landslide and made us question whether she actually topped Stevie Nick's original.

4. THAT piercing

Is it just us, or does Róisín reminds you of an effortlessly cool cousin who you always wanted to be like?

Maybe it's the piercing – OK, it's definitely the piercing – but every time we catch a glimpse of her we start picturing whether we could rock one just like Ms. O.

5. THIS throwback snap

We love nothing more than getting a snapshot into certain star's past lives, and Róisín really knows how to deliver on this front.

Reminding us that everyone's family shots looked exactly the same back in the 80s – dodgy decor galore – this singer gave us all the feels when she posted a throwback snap of her and her bro getting their flake on back in the day.

6. THIS gig 

Róisín is as passionate about protecting young women in Ireland as we are, so we are PUMPED that she's headlining our gig in The Sugar Club on Wednesday July 6th.

Raising awareness of dating abuse and raising funds for Women's Aid is the name of the game on the night, and if you want to get involved, you can get your early bird tickets right here, right now. 


In today's Ireland, dating abuse is something that's known but rarely discussed – a silence we at SHEmazing! want to shatter.

Carrying out a survey on the topic with over 1,000 Irish women threw up some very frightening results, and yet they may not come as a shock to many given that 55% of those surveyed said they know someone in their inner circle of friends that has been abused in a relationship – and we are just stunned that this isn't talked about more.

The most common form of abuse experienced by 18-35 year-olds, is emotional and psychological, taking the top spot at 89%.

Following that is verbal abuse (67%), physical abuse (50%), cyber (24%), and then stalking (15%).

However, this is not being discussed at a national level, which means there is little to no legislation to protect the victims. 

With dating abuse, the victim doesn't live with their partner which means they're not entitled to protection under the current domestic violence legislation in Ireland.

And further, with incidents of stalking – online or otherwise – cases are increasingly difficult to prove under the definition of harassment in Section 10 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997.

We want Irish women to come together with us to implore the new Government to re-examine this issue and provide the young women of Ireland with legal protection and the services of support that they deserve.

Our editor, Gillian Fitzpatrick, said of the issues at hand: “Dating abuse is not being talked about therefore it is not being recognised by young women in relationships as unacceptable behaviour."

"Not only do incidents of dating abuse affect the mental health and future relationships of young women but in extreme cases it can lead to accidental or intentional death through physical abuse and suicide for those who see no way out."

"To fully protect young women from dating abuse, we are urging the new Government to recognise that dating abuse is on the increase and current legislation for domestic abuse needs to be extended to make safety orders available to these victims."

"We need to extend protection to younger women in dating relationships that are not covered by domestic violence legislation just because they have never lived with their boyfriend.”

Women who are victims of dating abuse have admitted that they have suffered from a number of long-term side effects including, anger, lowered self-esteem, depression, shame and guilt.

And further, 93% of victims have admitted that they turn to various forms of self-harm to escape their reality – practices which include, overeating (65%), alcohol (45%), cigarettes (31%) and illegal drugs (6%).

To raise awareness of the issue of dating abuse and to raise funds for Women's Aid, we have decided to host a music gig in The Sugar Club on Wednesday July 6, where Róisín O will headline, and more special guests to be announced.

Tickets go on sale TODAY, with the earlybird special price of €19. If you'd like to support us on the night, you can get your tickets here.



Sometimes, there's nothing better than Whelan's on a Saturday night – especially when one of your fave musicians is taking to the stage.

This weekend, Róisín O will play all of her new tracks as well as some old favourites.

She has also said she's working on a few surprises for the night too – exciting!

Have a listen here to her new track, it'll definitely get you in the mood. You can get tickets for Saturday night's gig here.


Coronas frontman Danny O'Reilly comes from family bursting with musical talent, and we were given just a taster of it today, thanks to RTÉ.

The singer, accompanied by his sister Róisin O and cousin Aoife Scott, recorded a beautiful version of the Irish folk song Grace at Kilmainham Gaol recently, as part of RTÉ's Centenary celebration.

RTÉ released a short clip of the recording today, and it's simply beautiful – though there's no sign of Danny and Róisín's ma, Mary Black.

You've no doubt heard Grace at the odd trad sesh or pub lock-in, but what you might not know is that it only dates back to 1985, and was written in honour of Grace Gifford, who married Joseph Plunkett in Kilmainham Gaol just hours before his execution for his part in the Easter Rising.

So it's a very fitting tribute indeed.

RTÉ will show the full version of the song on Monday night during an evening of music which also features  Imelda May, Jack L, Gavin James, The High Kings, Colm Wilkinson, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Sharon Shannon, Dónal Lunny, John Sheahan, Celine Byrne, and Seo Linn.

Centenary kicks off on RTÉ One on Easter Monday at 9.35pm, with a live broadcast from the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.