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Rob Lipsett has addressed claims that he was at the centre of an RTÉ Investigates episode last night.

The programme was all about the use of steroids in Ireland.

Video footage during the show featured what they described as a "well-known social media fitness blogger” buying the steroids.

Although the clip didn't identify the man as they changed his voice and disguised his face, the presenter did describe the individual as:  “Later, a well-known Social media fitness blogger enters the shop.”

“This man claims to be a natural athlete on his social media account, where he has thousands of followers. However, it soon emerged that his ripped physique is chemically induced,” the presenter added.

It was the description of a "well-known fitness influencer" that made viewers point the finger towards Rob.

Taking to Twitter, Rob addressed the controversy head on: "Apparently @RTEOne did some steroid documentary and everyone thinks I was in it and my face was blurred out haha."

"If I was on steroids do you think I’d be so stupid to go and talk about it on TV. They probably hired some knock off version of me."

In another tweet, he joked: "Also if I’m on steroids I need to get a refund cause they didn’t work, been basically the same size for years."

And then added: "Anyways cba watching the show, I’m sure it was interesting but I had nothing to do with it. Kinda want to meet the lad that everyone thinks is me though."

Hopefully Rob's denial of purchasing and using steroids will have a positive influence on his followers to avoid the drugs entirely.

Anabolic steroid misuse could lead to serious, even permanent, health problems such as: kidney problems or failure, liver damage and tumours.

For more information about steroids and their side effects, please click here



After Sarah Godfrey's Instagram statement regarding her past relationship with Rob Lipsett, the personal trainer and former Love Island contestant has issued a response. 

Sarah told fans that she had been 'suffering in silence' during the relationship, and urged anyone feeling 'afraid or in danger in any relationship' should 'walk away and remove' themselves. 

The statement caused much speculation regarding the private details of their relationship. 

'It has come to my attention that my ex girlfriend of eight years Sarah Godfrey has been spreading malicious rumours and gossip concerning me and I am hurt and baffled by this betrayal,' Lipsett said, speaking to Goss.ie

'We have grown up together, shared some amazing memories and experiences and developed our careers with the help of each other.'

'I am currently trying to process our breakup and dealing with these lies and exaggerations has obviously caused me anxiety.'


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'Like any couple we have had our ups and downs over the many years we spent together, but I can safely say I have treated Sarah with nothing but respect and love so it upsets me to have to come out and make a statement defending my good character under these circumstances.'

'I only wish the best for Sarah and I am sorry if she is feeling hurt or upset over our split.'

'For now I am focusing on my work. That’s all I have to say on this matter.' 



Sarah Godfrey and Rob Lipsett appeared to have the perfect Instagram relationship. 

From the gym to the white beaches of the Maldives, their comments sections were littered with the hashtag #couplegoals. 

However, the couple split a number of weeks ago, and Sarah took to her Instagram stories to make a statement.

I am no longer in a relationship and won’t be commenting on the reasons I was forced to end the relationship because of the seriousness of the situation,' Sarah wrote.

Telling her fans she had been 'suffering in silence,' she continued:

'All I will say is, you should never feel afraid or in danger in any relationship and the second that does happen it is time to walk away and remove yourself.'


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'Thank you to everyone for your kind messages and continued support and to my close friends and family for helping me through this difficult time.'

'I would now like to move forward and leave the past in the past and focus on myself and my future.'

The couple have unfollowed one another on Instagram and have removed their online association with one another by deleting recent pictures. 


Irish Influencer Rob Lipsett has left Love Island.

The blogger entered the reality show on Friday, however after nobody picked him to partner up with, he had to exit the show.

Fans of Rob weren't too happy with his departure from the villa, and took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Rob's sister also took to the social media site, but to say she was happy about his exit:


If you are one of those people who just haven't gotten on the Love Island hype, that might be about to change. 

The romance-driven reality TV show has been dominating the headlines and Twitter feeds since the seriously saucy show began. 

The drama-filled villa is about to get 11 new residents, one of them being Rob.

The news was officially announced last night, with Rob's social media pages posting his official Love Island mug shot. 

'News is out! Rob has entered the Loveisland villa.'

'So excited for tomorrows episode @itv2 at 9pm. Who do you think Rob would be a good match with?'


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Now that the 25-year-old fitness fanatic has entered the show, we may have to tune in.

The Dublin-based personal trainer gave his followers a hint that something major was on the horizon. 

Taking to Instagram, he posted a snap captioned ' Big LF twist on the horizon. Can't wait to share.'