‘Lies’ Rob Lipsett responds to Sarah Godfrey’s Instagram statement


After Sarah Godfrey's Instagram statement regarding her past relationship with Rob Lipsett, the personal trainer and former Love Island contestant has issued a response. 

Sarah told fans that she had been 'suffering in silence' during the relationship, and urged anyone feeling 'afraid or in danger in any relationship' should 'walk away and remove' themselves. 

The statement caused much speculation regarding the private details of their relationship. 

'It has come to my attention that my ex girlfriend of eight years Sarah Godfrey has been spreading malicious rumours and gossip concerning me and I am hurt and baffled by this betrayal,' Lipsett said, speaking to Goss.ie

'We have grown up together, shared some amazing memories and experiences and developed our careers with the help of each other.'

'I am currently trying to process our breakup and dealing with these lies and exaggerations has obviously caused me anxiety.'


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'Like any couple we have had our ups and downs over the many years we spent together, but I can safely say I have treated Sarah with nothing but respect and love so it upsets me to have to come out and make a statement defending my good character under these circumstances.'

'I only wish the best for Sarah and I am sorry if she is feeling hurt or upset over our split.'

'For now I am focusing on my work. That’s all I have to say on this matter.'