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Rob Lipsett has addressed claims that he was at the centre of an RTÉ Investigates episode last night.

The programme was all about the use of steroids in Ireland.

Video footage during the show featured what they described as a "well-known social media fitness blogger” buying the steroids.

Although the clip didn't identify the man as they changed his voice and disguised his face, the presenter did describe the individual as:  “Later, a well-known Social media fitness blogger enters the shop.”

“This man claims to be a natural athlete on his social media account, where he has thousands of followers. However, it soon emerged that his ripped physique is chemically induced,” the presenter added.

It was the description of a "well-known fitness influencer" that made viewers point the finger towards Rob.

Taking to Twitter, Rob addressed the controversy head on: "Apparently @RTEOne did some steroid documentary and everyone thinks I was in it and my face was blurred out haha."

"If I was on steroids do you think I’d be so stupid to go and talk about it on TV. They probably hired some knock off version of me."

In another tweet, he joked: "Also if I’m on steroids I need to get a refund cause they didn’t work, been basically the same size for years."

And then added: "Anyways cba watching the show, I’m sure it was interesting but I had nothing to do with it. Kinda want to meet the lad that everyone thinks is me though."

Hopefully Rob's denial of purchasing and using steroids will have a positive influence on his followers to avoid the drugs entirely.

Anabolic steroid misuse could lead to serious, even permanent, health problems such as: kidney problems or failure, liver damage and tumours.

For more information about steroids and their side effects, please click here


The housing crisis in this country has been the topic of intense discussion for years, and rarely a week goes by when attention isn’t drawn to the grim reality of the renting market.

Indeed, our social media feeds regularly play host to photos highlighting the conditions renters are expected to not only endure, but pay a substantial sum for in our country’s capital.

Over the past six months, RTÉ Investigates has been investigating the rented accommodation market in Ireland as part of a special documentary due to air on RTÉ One. 

During that time RTÉ Investigates uncovered multiple breaches of regulations for the private rental sector, including serious breaches in relation to fire safety.

In the course of their investigation, a property in Crumlin came to their attention. They believed this property posed an immediate danger to the tenants residing there. 

Ahead of the programme's broadcast,  RTÉ Investigates reported the property and the concerns for the safety of the tenants to Dublin City Council. 

Today, the national broadcaster announced that the High Court had granted an order to Dublin City Council to have the building vacated, with Justice Noonan describing the premises as a "fire trap".

Inspections revealed there were no escape routes or fire alarms along with a number of other safety issues. 

In the programme, due to air on RTÉ One later this month, the programme will detail the shocking conditions uncovered in a number of rental properties across the country where many people are living in squalid, dangerous and overcrowded conditions.