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This Saturday, thousands of women will march from the Garden of Remembrance to Dáil Éireann in this year's March for Choice. 

Many of them will be donning their Repeal jumpers with pride to utilise their outerwear as a form of political statement. 

Repeal jumpers have been off the market for a number of months, but the demand for them continues (so much so, that a number of months ago, SHEmazing uncovered a black market producing fake jumpers).


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Aside from a Repeal pop-up in Nine Crows last December, the jumpers have been notoriously tricky to get ahold of since last summer.

Now, the Repeal Project have announced that on the morning of the march, a limited number of the now iconic black slogan jumper's will be available. 

The proceeds from the sales go to The Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland, making them the ideal way to both visually and financially show your support for the cause. 


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The pop-up will be held at Indigo & Cloth, where the jumpers were originally sold. 

They will also be selling Repeal necklaces at the pop-up. 

According to an Instagram post, the Repeal Project will completely relaunch this October. 



Thousands of Irish women marked International Women's Day by taking to the streets in both the strike and march to repeal the 8th amendment.

The Repeal Project has gone from strength to strength since its conception, and supporters of the movement can be identified by their distinguishable black slogan jumper.

Unfortunately, the jumpers have been out of stock for months, despite the demand for them.


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Aside from a Repeal pop-up in Nine Crows last December, the jumpers have been notoriously tricky to get ahold of since last summer.

Luckily, for those who still hanker to get their hands on one, the Repeal Project has announced that they will be restocking their online store on April 23. 

The store previously sold the jumpers as well as T-shirts, and even hinted at some snazzy bomber jackets. 


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The proceeds from the sales go to The Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland, so you can now sartorially support the cause while donating to it financially.

People have been going to great lengths to get their hands on the jumpers, and SHEmazing! even previously exposed a black market of counterfeit jumpers

Mak your calendars if you've been waiting all these months to get your hands on the real deal. 


The Repeal Project has become nationally recognised thanks to its signature black slogan jumpers.

Indeed, the items are now one of Ireland's most sought-after style items, pretty much selling out wherever they are stocked.

However, unfortunately a SHEmazing! investigation has now revealed that some people are cashing in on the political campaign via fake Repeal merchandise outlets. 


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Claiming to be affiliated with the Repeal Project, the jumpers first went on sale in July as part of a campaign to bring visibility to the issue of abortion rights – still one of Ireland's most controversial conflicts. 

Of course, the actual Repeal Project donates all proceeds of merchandise to the Abortion Rights Campaign.

One of the seemingly counterfeit Repeal merch sites we reached out to flogs its wares on American website Teespring.

We went undercover – querying on Facebook if the clothing on sale would eventually benefit abortion efforts in Ireland. In response, we were told that profits would eventually be donated to charity.

They added by way of explanation: "We haven't actually made any money yet but I'm sure we could send you proof of a donation as soon as we do!" before immediately blocking us on all social media. 

To date, it is stated clearly on the same online platform that 32 items brandishing the Repeal slogan have been sold to date.

One concerned Facebook user posted to the site's corresponding Facebook page, which has almost 400 active followers, to ask: "Are you giving your profits to the Abortion Rights Campaign? Are you with the Repeal Project?" only to have her comment deleted by the page. 


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"We didn't like how they (the Repeal Project) were marketing their sweatshirts through exclusivity and pop-up shops," the page creator told another Facebook user.

When the practise was highlighted with Anna Cosgrave, founder of the Repeal Project, she told SHEmazing! "A number of 'fake' accounts have cropped up, some have been shut down."

She added: "It would be great if the people running it came forward." 


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A spokesperson for the HunReal Issues also told us: "My first thought when I saw there was a website selling imitation REPEAL jumpers for profit and not to support campaigning to Repeal The 8th was of course disgust, but also what a great job Anna had done on a project to get visibility for the cause as well as fundraising for the Abortion Rights Campaign."

"The fact that there's a bootleg market for the in demand jumpers shows just how many people want to show their support for the women of Ireland and their quest for bodily autonomy. That doesn't make the profiteering any less in bits though."

As of today, the fake page is still live.

SHEmazing! is still awaiting confirmation that it has donated profits to charity.


An NUI Galway student has told SHEmazing! she was removed from an academic conference attended by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny – for wearing a Repeal The 8th jumper.

The female 2nd year student added that she was escorted from the university building by An Garda Síochána and a security guard.

Yesterday evening, a group of 25-30 students was hosting a peaceful protest calling attention to the abortion rights campaign. It is claimed, however, that the removed student was not involved in this activity.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was visiting NUI Galway to open the international academic conference as part of the Irish 2016 Centenary Programme. Called 1916-2016: The Promise And Challenge Of National Sovereignty, it was held in the Bailey Allen Hall and was free and open to the public.

The student, who this morning was in contact with SHEmazing! but has asked not to be named, arrived intending to work on an academic project with a number of other students in a meeting room of the building. She says that she stopped briefly to watch the protest.

A number of protesters began chanting as Mr Kenny arrived, and the student added that at this stage she went to return to the meeting room. 

"Gardaí came upstairs and removed the [protesters] and then came into our room. We told them we were not part of the protest," she revealed. 

"A security guard then pointed to the Repeal jumper and asked 'what's that?'

"I replied saying that I am in fact a student and not a protester. My fellow students defended me saying it was merely a coincidence," she continued. 

She says she was then escorted out by two gardaí and a security guard. 

"I honestly felt very threatened in that room; they were very condescending.I feel that Garda-force was unnecessary and that we would not have been removed if it hadn't been for my jumper.


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"We were all very upset by the events last night.

"I understand that because of the protest there were worries and tensions surrounding the Taoiseach's well-being but it could have been handled in a much more civil manner, without causing hurt and confusion," the student added. 

Hazel Nolan, who posted a video from the conference to Twitter, said: "I'm auditor of UCD For Choice so it's great to see other colleges taking opportunities like this to protest about the 8th amendment.

"However, escorting someone from their own college, when they weren't even protesting, for wearing a certain jumper is ludicrous."

A Garda spokesperson told SHEmazing! that "an Garda Siochana were present to police this event and ensure there was no breach of the peace. No arrests were made by Gardaí."



Move over bomber jackets and embroidered boots, the most sought after style item on the Irish market has to be the Repeal The 8th jumper.

Yup, as Irish people donned the black jumpers and T-shirts en masse to show their support for the cause it became clear that wearing your political beliefs on your sleeve (literally) has never been more stylish.

The jumpers first went on sale in July, as part of a campaign to bring visibility to the issue of abortion rights – still one of Ireland's most controversial conflicts. 


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The jumpers, along with T-shirts, were hugely popular and sold out in mere days.

However, if you missed them during the summer there is some good news: the items are now returning… and we can't wait to get out hands on one.

Nine Crows, arguably one of Ireland's top vintage retailers, has teamed up with Repeal The 8th to host a pop-up at both their Dublin and Galway stores.


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The events are happening tomorrow, Thursday the November 10, between 6-8pm.

Nine Crows will continue to sell the Repeal merchandise after tomorrow's launch, which includes jumpers, T-shirts and tote bags, along with a few other 'surprises'.

And yes, we're keeping our fingers crossed that one of those surprises is the long awaited Repeal The 8th bomber jacket!

The threads won't be available online, but according to the Repeal Project's Instagram, the online store should be back up and running next month, so even if you can't make it down to Nine Crows you should be able to snap one up very soon.